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Horrid signal strength with Note 4

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Horrid signal strength with Note 4

I switched to the Note 4 a little over a week ago and I get horrid signal strength. When I use my Note 3, I get full bars in my home. When I use my Note 4, I get one, maybe two if I am lucky, bars. I also get dropped calls. I can switch from the LTE/CDMA to CDMA, which puts me on 3g, and I get perfect signal. I tried ##SCRNT# and it didn't help. Called Tech Support and was told to take the phone to a Sprint Store and have them look at it. I may as well just take it back to the store I got it at and return it to go back to the Note 3, as it is useless at this point.


Re: Horrid signal strength with Note 4

noboruryu - Thanks for reaching out with this issue. Are you still have signal strength issues on your device? If so please let me know so I can do some research. I apologize for the delay in response.

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Re: Horrid signal strength with Note 4

The issue here related to the signal bars at least sounds like an ongoing issue I have seen and heard about on numerous Spark devices where an LTE signal shows as one bar from -100 dBm and lower despite this level of signal actually being a pretty good LTE signal. On devices like the iPhone 6 and 6+ LTE signal strength around -100dBm would be represented by about 3 dots.

I have personally witnessed this signal bar flaw on the Galaxy S4 spark version, the Galaxy S5 and the just released Galaxy S6. It seems like the LTE signal bars are calculated on the same scale as 3g signal despite them being on different scales. 3g signal is represented by RSSI and a -100dBm RSSI signal is actually pretty bad where as LTE is represented by RSRP in which a -100dBm RSRP signal is actually pretty good. A -100dBm RSSI signal is actually more like a -120dBm RSRP signal and the signal bars seem to treat RSRP readings from the device like they are either RSSI readings or on the same scale when they are not.

This has been around at least since the Spark Galaxy S4 was launched and it gives customers the impression of Sprint's LTE signal being much worse than it really is but despite this the issue has not been addressed in all this time so I'm not sure Sprint is really even aware of the issue.

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