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Lollipop Update Destroyed the Galaxy Note 4


Lollipop Update Destroyed the Galaxy Note 4

I've been reviewing Samsung Galaxy Note phones for many years. After allowing the Over The Air KitKat to Lollipop Update, many cherished qualities of my $800 Galaxy Note 4 "Smartphone" vanished.

I was left with a "stupid-phone" that:

1. The all day or better battery life went to 2/3rd's that quality.

2. The phone heats up, something that never ever happened before.

3. Delays in processing simple stuff.

4. The cherished GPS quality went to announcing "GPS SIGNAL LOST" every few minutes when traversing the same area as before. It is so bad that using Google maps to get somewhere is impossible, and you positioning overshoots your street turn.

This is not the worst of it... Samsung and Sprint play the "we have no reports of this issue" when anyone within their quality control team could (and does) Google "Lollipop update issues with Note 4"... And you know it's ludicrous to believe they are NOT monitoring public response to their product.

You are left with what was once a perfectly working Note 4, to that of an overheating, battery sucking, dysfunctional "dumb-phone" that loses GPS lock and also disconnects from Bluetooth repeatedly... during use.

Yes... They'll blame it on apps, tell you to reset your phone (easy, right? Like reinstalling Windows!), but in reality, you were perfectly fine with KitKat just the way everything was.

Anyone else experiencing this?

I'm getting tired of investing in Samsung and Sprint high end and expensive electronics... and trusting that they have actually well supervised any update they push out over the air, WITHOUT LETTING YOU REVERT BACK TO THE PROPERLY FUNCTIONING OPERATING SYSTEM.

Once you update to Lollipop, you threw your expensive functioning Galaxy Note 4 out the window.

Please post your own experiences, and non-rooted fixes that really worked.

Thank you.



No Android device on any carrier or manufacturer allows that. Only way is to root and that voids your warranty. There's issues with the Lollipop upgrade on most phones that didn't come with it and a system wipe seems to be fixing the issues. Should Google and Samsung have a better solution, yes.


wait Sprint says they are not aware of the issues?  I really think its a google problem though, not Sprint.

I have an S4, and have same issues RE: battery and overheat.  I literally put my phone in the freezer for 2-3 minutes at times.  Top notch stuff.


I'm having lagging issues for the pass 10 days and have to clean phone every time I pick it up ?? Wife phone gets hot and lags also we both have note 4's


I also have the lagging and overheating... And GPS signal lost and Bluetooth disconnect.

I'm very upset because the phone functioned perfectly prior to the OTA update.

Sprint receives updates from Samsung, then pushes these updates through their network to the phone.

It's always a ping-pong discussion with either Samsung and Sprint acknowledging fault. I can Google something and receive vast public awareness of both a Samsung and Sprint smartphone related issue, yet both will deny they have any complaint on the matter.

It was the same with the initial batches of the Note 3, where the verbal received call was popping and distorted and totally unacceptable.

Initially, both Sprint and Samsung denied the issues, until I presented, line by line, the issues... on the Sprint Community Forum (just follow my Sprint Community threads). Sprint customers from around the Nation... California to New York, provided their like issues with the Note 3.

Finally, the XDA forum community actually got involved and listed a change to the vocoder settings that resolved the distortion issue (for most users), which I presented on the Sprint forum.

After all this, and other review sites beginning to present our findings, Sprint got involved, and interviewed many of us for Samsung. Samsung then came out with an update, which never completely resolved all the popping and distortion... But it was significantly better.

Now, Sprint pushed a 5.0.1 Lollipop update, that totally ripped a good functioning Note 4.

And they are denying... Both Samsung and Sprint (last I called), that a known problem exists.

Most of us use our smartphone on a frequent basis, and can tell when even the slightest amount of extra lag is apparent, let alone a warm/hot device and signal lock issues.

It's just sad when you can Google many sharing these same issues... While the companies that make and sell the product... And who push a destructive update... Deny that they ever did so.

Even more sad is the fact that I'm not sure any other company is different in this regard.

What I don't like, and that really gets me upset, is that the push to 5.0.1 that destroyed functional use of my $800 product CAN'T BE REVERSED without voiding one's warranty.

I'll have to research about the system total wipe working.

The xda forums are just such a blessing... Where would we be without those guys keeping an eye out for us all.

Please continue to post your Note 4 issues under the Lollipop update.

Thank you.



Hello John, I remember you from my note 3 days and I had the same type issues you did and posted as such here. I did the XDA fixes which did somewhat fix the issues.

I did get a Note 4 a while back and took the OTA to lolipop. The only real issues I have are battery drain/heat issue and a bit of lag on easy things like gallery and other apps.

I can tell you Sprint is working on a new update, current one we are on is OE1 and they are up to testing OFA

[Link removed]

We both know they will not admit or talk about it but when there are links directly to there site about papers referring to lolipo 5.1.1

With the docs direct from them all they can do is ignore this post, or remove my links.

Writing is on the wall they are working on something, that is a good thing as long as it makes our phone preform like they did when we purchased them.

Fingers Crossed...


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Today, July 1st, 2015, my Note 4 continues to heat up, delays on the simplest of tasks (far worse now than the LG G3, which was common to that model), has connection issues with Bluetooth... All with the exact same case and circumstances it had when functioning perfectly fine before lollipop was installed (by an over the air update).

I've followed everything Samsung said to do (Sprint totally denies any issue with the Lollipop update and the Note 4... as usual).

I've done the ridiculous steps of turning it off, removing the battery, etc etc etc.

The next step is a total wipe and reset... and you all know how easy that gets your info back (NOT) and takes very little time out of your day (NOT)... and is guaranteed to work flawlessly (NOT EVER).

All because Sprint pushed an update to my perfectly functioning $800 Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Am I the only one upset at this?

Please post your own experiences to both the Lollipop update issues and any progress you have had at any fix our resolution... especially if you completely RESET your phone.

There's also info that reformatting your SD add on card might help. That's real easy too (NOT).


And... "GPS signal lost" is still an issue.

Heating up, screen lags, slow to perform tasks, GPS features ruined, and everything else... THE LOLLIPOP UPDATE DESTROYED MY $800 SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 4!

Voice your like concerns.


I've done the reset, once right after the OTA came out. and once a week ago. It never fixed any of my issues, as you stated it just takes time out of my day.


I have been with samsung since my s2. Had a s3 than went to a Note 2, Note 3 and now Note 4. My phone freezes, lags and now contacts stop working is happening again. I do feel it get hot and I have experience the wfi not working. I was looking forward to the Note 5 but without the extra sd storage or removable battery. I dont think I will be getting it. I clear the cache partition and clear the app cache which helps sometimes. But I also notice that my phone is slower than when I first got it too. I have done factory reset. Already took it in once they said needed updated should be good to go. Which I dont understand I am always keeping my phone updated. So is this all because of lollipop? Is why my phone is acting this way?


I am definitely seeing a change in my battery life since the update. Plus as you stated the phone is running hotter than normal. Before the update, I could easily go my entire day at work and be between 50-60%. Now it's like I have an iPhone or S4 that requires charging prior to leaving work. This is unacceptable. I don't feel like I should have to essentially cripple my phone so I can have battery life at the end of the day.


Unfortunately ever since updating to Lollipop 5.0.1 I now have the issues that you have mentioned in addition every time I am outside of my house and I turn my wifi off the wifi automatically turns on and searches for a wifi network. If I do not want my phone to connect to a wifi network that is remembered I now have to totally forget the network. Also, when I connect it to my wifi network at my house it is not talking to my router and no devices on my router will work properly. I have always owned Android devices but this is definitely making me think about a switch to ios, sadly.

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