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Note4 CAN NOT TALK AND SURF INTERNET at the same time.

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Note4 CAN NOT TALK AND SURF INTERNET at the same time.

Welp I Love my new Samsung Note4

but I hate Sprint Cell phone Service, Apparently you can not Talk on the Phone and Surf the Web at the same time. Unless on Wifi...which is pretty stupid. Because Wifi is not always available and whats the point of having unlimited data if your limited to a major feature that can only be used on Wifi..smh. I was previously able to do so on my Samsung Galaxy III. This not a Samsung issue but a Sprint issue even though Sprint Customer Dis-Service will have you believe other wise.

The Sprint New "Spark" Network does not allow simultaneous Talk and Dual Services on their phones when all other Carriers Networks like Verizon, At&t and T mobile allow Talk and Web Browsing at the same time. This is not a simple update issue for The Chipset or CDMA, it is the Fact that The Sprint "Spark Network" Phones only have One Antenna, when their Competitors have Two in their Phones. Sprint Customer Service will never answer your questions directly but will Lie and misdirect.

What is the use of having the Ultimate multi feature phone when you can not even multiple task being on the Phone and the internet at the same time....REALLY???? SPRINT!!!!. I am throughly disappointed and So done with you guys, SPRINT has dropped the ball for the last time.



Re: Note4 CAN NOT TALK AND SURF INTERNET at the same time.

bigmike0020, I know that this may be troubling. In order to better support the new Sprint Tri-band network, and preserve device battery life, newer devices may not have the capability to use data on the LTE network while on a voice call. Customers can still do simultaneous voice and data while connected to wi-fi.  Customers will experience better performance when using one service at a time. - Vanessa Sprint Social Care


Re: Note4 CAN NOT TALK AND SURF INTERNET at the same time. 

You Guys just don't get it, I don't care about that crap. And Free WiFi is rarely available. You are not answering my Question, You just mis-directing as usual. As of Today I am truly looking at Other providers and looking at the Best time to Jump. Sprint has handle capped The Best phone on the Market do to its Greed of keeping more Data. I am Blogging All day about this Issue. So far I have Several set-up and I am continuing to set up more daily. 1000 responses to one of them already and the number will grow day by day until Sprint takes ownership of their Mistake and fix this issue. And stop with your ingenue responses.


Re: Note4 CAN NOT TALK AND SURF INTERNET at the same time. 

I re-read your original post, and other then "REALLY?" I don't see a question.

The reason your Samsung Galaxy SIII could Talk and Surf at the same time was because it was designed with 2 antennas that allowed it to take advantage of EVDO which was the technology at that time. However, it could not take advantage of the new Spark network Sprint is rolling out.

To take advantage of the new network, new phones are being made. The problem is, Sprint hasn't initiated VOLTE yet. So these new phones don't have that functionality, hence the single antenna. While it's rumored the Note 4 was built with two antennas and may be able to take advantage of VOLTE, until Sprint implements it, that won't happen. Even then, it's possible the Note 4 won't be able to make use of it when it is implemented.

As for when it will be implemented, rumor has it this won't happen until probably 2nd - 3rd quarter of 2015. Until that time, the best your going to get is making use of WiFi while calling, going back to your SGIII or go to another carrier.

If my post or someone else's answered your question please mark it an Accepted Solution.

Keep in mind, like you, I am a Sprint subscriber. I am in no way employed by Sprint in any sense. I just know stuff.

Re: Note4 CAN NOT TALK AND SURF INTERNET at the same time. 

bigmike0020, I know we all have our must-haves with devices and I do truly understand your frustration with this issue.  I'm a multi-tasker myself and am holding off buying a new phone until we've worked out a way to make surf/talk possible on Spark devices.  I see that you've been in several other threads so I hope you've picked up on the information already posted, but just in case, I'm happy to explain. 

Sprint's Spark phones have only one radio instead of two as previous LTE versions and versions on other carriers. It's my understanding (which is truly limited, so please forgive me) that it has something to do with the Spark configuration but root cause is probably less important than accurate information.  Because it's a hardware limitation, it's unlikely that we'd be able to enable the feature in the future.  We didn't turn off the feature, it's not possible with the current hardware. I'd definitely be sorry to see you go for this, or for any reason, but I do understand that we all have those things which make it or break it for us as individuals.  - Christy

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