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Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Real Reviews/Issues/Problems From Sprint Subscribers


Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Real Reviews/Issues/Problems From Sprint Subscribers

Hello Sprint Adult Note 4 Owners

You may remember my discussion of the Note 3 problems and fixes, and now it's time for the Note 4 "Real Picture" of how the phone truly performs.

The Note 3 was praised by all reviewers, yet some (not all) Sprint subscribers had a different picture... popping and crackling noises with morphed and high pitched received voice call quality... and data signal jumps from one to 3 bars. (After many exchanges, I finally got a Note 3 which functioned absolutely like a dream, even if missed calls and voice quality were always sub par.)

Now that the Note 4 is "out-there", what is your TRUE experience with the Galaxy Note 4?

I've now had my Note 4 for a period of time. I have used it side by side the LG G3 with the same setup in the same location and in the same exact position. I am experiencing the following issues with my Note 4:

- Extremely poor voice quality, with distortion (and this time it's NOT my wife screeching in the background.)

- Missed calls, even while I await callback with phone in hand. The only notification making me aware is a voice mail icon in the notification panel. No phone Log referencing a call was even acknowledged. This is intermittent and not present in any other phone.

- Some freezing of the screen in the Chrome browser.

- The touch-wiz user interface is beginning to lag a bit, but not as frequent as the LG G3.

- Wi-Fi is kinda slow.

- 3G (CDMA) is kinda slow.

- Ma wife is kinda...

- 3G signal fluctuates and drops out (even on CDMA only setting, where the 3G and 4G signal aren't competing.)

Battery life is better than the LG G3, and can go 6+ hours with heavy use as opposed to the LG's 4+ hours.


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Hi folks!

Well, the attempt is to see how real life use of the Galaxy Note 4's features can be used in actual application.

I'll simply try to gather information, text and graphics, using the SPen STYLUS and accompanying Note 4 native apps in creating a presentation here in this forum.

What is proving difficult is not the SPen's ability to acquire text and graphics, but how it is processed after that.

For instance, how can I get a clipped graphic image into the Gallery library? Once in the Gallery, it can be uploaded and shared onto this Sprint Forum, as well as other apps and such.

Tossing a clipped graphic into the Gallery isn't an option once SPen acquires the pic. This is very sad, and leaves you attempting alternate routes for this task.

You can toss the graphic and text into SNote and Scrapbook... But then what? You have your chosen graphic within proprietary native Samsung app, but not in an app (Gallery) that can share that pic elsewhere via upload.

As you are probably aware at this point, clipping text and graphics using the SPen produces a hovering icon on the screen.

We're covering graphics only because text copy and paste does have options for sharing that SPen grabbed information. Graphics? Not so much, if at all. The whole point of using the Note 4 in business application is to acquire presentation quality information and create... well... a "presentation". If you can not capture a graphic or portion of a graphic with the SPen and put it into the Gallery, presentation options become limited.

A sad side limitation to all this is yet another bottleneck. To create a presentation, like what I'm doing now regarding the SPen capture feature, a place is needed to put that information. That leaves you with SNote and Memo (Scrapbook is another story). Both the SNote and Memo apps have a text/character limit. Yes... I doubt I'll get this presentation finished without running into that dreaded message "character limit reached".

2014-11-13 08.11.00.png

(The image above was obtained via screen capture, then edited/reduced in Gallery options. The screen capture shows the text limit error message of the native Memo app)

On a super duper expensive business focused smartphone with the latest hardware specs, this simple bottleneck (of many) is a tribute to Samsung's failing business model: throw the latest technology and rarely used features (heart rate monitor, fingerprint scanner, sensors for all kinds of stuff) into a unit without intuitive software that works in sync with it all.

That's where (and why) Apple is superior in this "it all works together" concept.

Ok... so... I've used the SPen to acquire a graphic off the LG website. I also grabbed the text regarding the LG G3's coming Lollipop update. You end up with this:

2014-11-13 08.12.26.png

So... how to get the SPen captured graphic into the Gallery for use...

2014-11-13 08.11.43.png

You have the SHARE choices above (displayed in a ridiculous spread out listing that utilizes the entire screen, unlike the tight professional screen menus on the LG G3), or you can throw the info into the Scrapbook.

There is no option to include your clipping into the Gallery. Thus, you're going to have to first SHARE the information into one of the listed applications, then hope there's an easy way to toss it from there into the Gallery.

But there isn't. Not that I've found. The only way is to NOT use the SPen to acquire a graphic, but take a screenshot instead. That sends it right into the Gallery. From there, you'll have to edit and crop and save so you have the same cropped graphic that the SPen was able to easily obtain.

Note: you can capture SPen graphics,  then, by holding down the image obtained by the SPen capture, drag that image into apps like SNote and Memo (and other supporting apps), but the graphic won't be available for the Gallery and associated uses, like uploading to wherever.

All Samsung had to do was to include a "Gallery" SHARE option within the SPen capture menu, and it would have increased non-proprietary use of SPen productivity.

Anyone found a way to get SPen captured graphics into the Gallery? Let us know.

I have the LG G3 Lollipop graphic and associated text captured, and no means to present a combined presentation here for upload unless I manually prepared that LG G3 graphic for upload.



if you use smart select option in your s-pen, you will be able to collect many pictures and graphics (by pressing the + icon), and all of them you can add to any app you want, e-mail, word, powerpoint etc. U just drag and drop from the stack you have in the screen.

I come here trying to help people and I'm NOT employed by Sprint, so If my reply helped you or if you get an answer to your question from other users, PLEASE mark it as solved.

Hi DJ!

Thanks. I actually should have mentioned that the entire process above was while using "Smart Select"... i e, SPen. I did mention that you indeed can drag information into apps that support that. What I haven't been able to do is to acquire a graphic using Smart Select, and then that acquired graphic into the "Gallery" for use with apps and situations that don't allow drag and drop... like preparing forum presentations... where applying a graphic requires an upload.

Since Smart Select doesn't allow it's graphics to "Share" into "Gallery" (which could have been allowed by simply making "Gallery" in of the "Share" options), one must forgo using the SPen Smart Select all-together and Captured/Edit/Crop graphic content manually... which is a pain. All this could have made the SPen so much more intuitive by allowing SPen ("Smart Select") graphic content to port into "Gallery".

Can you find a way to get Smart Select graphic content into the "Gallery" for use in uploading current to forums?

I would imagine that unless someone was preparing their own research (for which the Smart Select feature is awesome, if not for the SNote and Memo character limitation), the average Joe is going to want their graphics available for upload.

Thanks again DJ for everything...



Ok... here's a living example of what the SPen's "Smart Select" should do, and doesn't (or at least I can't find a way).

I'm perusing a Radio Shack online Black Friday ad.

I see a portion of the ad I want, so knowing I purchased the Note 4 for just this reason, I slide out the SPen STYLUS, choose the Smart Select icon from the menu that pops up, and capture that area of the screen where the ad resides.

This places a floating icon atop the screen.

I open up Aquamail (a K9 type email program), and think to ma-self, "this sure makes things easier". I simply touch, hold, then drag the ad into/onto the email program, and Walla.

But there's no wa la. There's only a few odd text characters in my fresh email. no picture... no ad. (More on that odd text later).

You see, Aquamail imports and/or attaches graphics through the "Gallery", and there's no option nor means to get your (not-so) Smart Select-ed graphic into the Note 4's "Gallery". Thus, this cauterizes any use of using Smart Select to acquire on-screen graphics for upload... to any service or program.

Now about those characters that DID transfer into the Aquamail program... Text selected with Smart Select will transfer into SOME programs... with a weird glitch (which Samsung's gotta be aware of yet allowed in the program anyway).

Let's use Samsung's Memo app. You can Smart Select text and graphics into the Memo app.  BUT, when transferring text, it will produce BOTH a graphic rendition of the text, AND, the actual text itself immediately underneath the graphic representation.

Thus, after choosing to use the SPen's Smart Select feature to make things EASY to import text into an app, you then have to re-edit that message to delete the duplicated text. Allowing this to occur is just bad quality control on Samsung's part, or... Samsung was more eager to have another "feature" listed in the Specs than they were actually desiring that feature to work.

I am disappointed in the SPen. Not being able to send captured Smart Select graphics to the Gallery, coupled with it's duplication of Smart Selected Text... (which the regular keyboard's copy/paste feature can do without duplication)... I don't see me using it for anything... really.

It can simplify the gathering of multiple pieces of information, if you don't mind editing each and every text insert to remove the duplicate.

I reserve the right to be wrong, not possibly having found the correct procedure to make Smart Select send it's graphic sniplets to the Gallery, or properly dragging text into supported apps without dragging a duplicate too.

If your experience differs, please post how you accomplished it.

Thank's all.


2014-11-13 16.46.29.jpg


John032060 - Let us know if there's anything we can assist you with. We're here to help. - Latonya
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Regarding Delays:

The Note 4 has delays between screen choices as well as a delay in the keyboard popping up after cursor insertion on a text screen.

It's about the same delay as the LG G3.

There also a tad bit of a delay when entering text, but that's probably related to the text grammar and other text input features.

Regarding the Battery...

I can attest to the Note 4's 11 hour web browsing battery life.  And that 11 hours of Web browsing is a realistic figure.

With the LG G3, no matter what you're doing, that screen is chewing away at the battery at a very steady pace. Kinda like ma wife when she's nibbling on an acorn (smile.)

I switched to the native email program for two reasons:

1. I wanted to see if the SPen's Smart Select feature had different results with the acquiring of clipped graphics and text (it did, more on that in a minute),  and...

2. There is a "Special Contacts" type feature that my 3rd party app wasn't providing... Where a separate inbox accrues email from those assigned as "special".  You can also make the chime different for these contacts so you can discern special email from regular hum-drum email.

Now, about Smart Selected content...

Where my 3rd party email program (Aquamail) doesn't import the Smart Selected graphic clips but requires attachment from Gallery pics (which Smart Select is incapable of providing),  the native Note 4 email app does accept Smart Select text and graphics ... with an unfortunate limitation.

It'll take both graphics and text clips, but not into the body of the message. It applies the information as "attachments".  While this will be beneficial for attaching stuff to emails, it won't help with PASTING Smart Select TEXT in the body of the email, which is usually why you're acquiring the snipped cutlets in the first place.

Note: a very wise and smartphone savvy woman reminded me that even if you could directly drag Smart Select graphic content into the email body, that doesn't mean that the email program on the receiving end won't display it as an attachment anyway.

Yet regarding Smart Select TEXT, having that attached rather than inserted into the message body defeats using the Smart Select TEXT option in the first place.

But alas, you'll find that every app will respond to the SPen features differently.

One thing my native email program does (as well as the Note 3) is to paste a clipboard image directly into the body of the email.  The Note 3 did this naively by simply choosing "paste" within the email body.  The Aquamail program requires that you choose an insert picture option. But import of images was possible directly into the message body.

I am happy to report that the Note 4 also pastes clipboard text and graphics directly into the email message body. Unfortunately,  Smart Select content gets added as attachments only... so far as I've been able to discern on the first run.

As a side note, the 3rd party Aquamail email program allows you to insert/copy an email into the Calendar app. The LG G3 had similar (and more intuitive) options. The native Note 4 email program has no such option.

What the native email program does have is the availability to SAVE that email to a folder (disk). Similarly, the 3rd party email offers saving the email in PDF format. I'm not sure which option is best right now, but I do miss the option to copy the message contents into the Calendar.

Take care...



Hi Folks!

The native email application for the Note 4 has an area where you can setup "Priority Senders".

2014-11-15 19.28.42.jpg

This priority sender option will automatically gather the email from those people you found to be important and put them in this special priority sender Inbox. You can configure the application to open to this Priority Sender inbox first by default.

It's a nice feature, and helps from having to rummage through a long list of emails for those you were waiting for most specifically.

Also nice is that you can have separate notification tones for regular email and that of the "Priority Sender" email. This way, you can literally hear when that special person's email has arrived as opposed to general mail.

The Smart Select SPen captured content also works in conjunction with the native email program. Some third party email apps have varied success with some SPen Smart Select features.

Just another option...

The Note 4 does have a great list of options.


Sent from my Sprint Samsung Galaxy® Note 4.


I do alot when connected to wifi. Unfortunately my note 4 has to be replaced already cause it refuses to connect. I get the error message out of service area since 3 days ago. Now it only works when i went to the sprint repair center cause they must a magic tower on top of the building. Hate i have to still pay $720 and get a refurbished one cause this one has failed. I want a new boxed one, this failure is not my fault. Spoke to two tech, one was advanced and went to the repair center 2 times on the 16th and 2 on the 17th and they had to order another one. Have anyone else complained of this issue?


Yup drain the battery completely. I got a spare so i always have juice. My battery life is good put it in power saving mode.



It seems that the issues with Smart Select might end up being more of a blessing than a curse.

The complaint was that the Smart Select captured text threw BOTH a graphic AND a text version of the Smart Selected Text into whatever app you drug the information into.


This can be a good thing.

Within the native email application, if you drag your Smart Selected Text into the message body, you'll get that text perfectly aligned (in order of when Selected) into the message body, AND you'll get a copy of each imported text block included in the attachments. If you DON'T want anything "attached", simply tap on the red minus icon next to each attachment you don't want.

Also, you can keep some and delete others in the process.

Within Memo, when you get the duplicated graphic representation of that text, the duplicate is already selected for action with a menu of options already front and center. Just choose "cut" and your duplicate is gone. TaDa!

Smart Select is showing some promise, even if you need to filter your Smart Selected graphics through SNote to get them into some third party apps.

There's a ways for SNote to go... But it's closer than before.



Just want to leave a note to say Hello, and figure out some way to keep this thread front and center, I'd like to read it.


John! I do remember you. I was there in the N3 forum, too. Funny, huh?! I'm back looking for help. Thanks for your persistence.

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