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Sprint Product Ambassador: S Pen


With the S Pen, I will say that I have that this is my first S Pen experience. It is a lot of fun and find myself using it quite a bit.

My favorite part is Air Command. All I have to do is hover over the screen with the S Pen and click the S Pen side button. This allows me to access multiple options including Screen Write, Image Clip, Smart Select, and Action Memo.

Action Memo: This option allows me to quickly access memos and create new memos. Once activated you can choose to also go into S Note which allows you to select multiple formats, backgrounds, style, etc. This way you get to  have a fully customized memo that you can store for later or send to someone else.

Smart Select: This allows you to crop a section of your screen. This comes in handy if you are trying to capture an image for an avatar, or logo, etc. This also makes a great way to just take one piece of a picture (Maybe just one person out of a group Photo) and make it into a picture with just that one person. (This also comes in handy for making Contact photos)

Image Clip: This will give you the ability to clip out an area in any shape you want. This could make for a fun crafting feature, or just if you need some info from your screen but want to make it fun.

Screen Write: This is by far my favorite feature on the S Pen. Screen Write allows me to take a screenshot of something, then write on it. This is a very cool way to make like a greeting card or just give yourself a reminder. You can send this image to anyone or just keep it for yourself!

The S Pen has so many practical uses and I enjoy using it for my daily tasks!

Your Product Ambassador Team

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They volunteer to test out all sorts of Sprint devices and offer opinions freely to the Community. Each Product Ambassador

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