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Loyalty Credit for Replacement Note 7


Loyalty Credit for Replacement Note 7


I would like to inquire when I would be receiving my $75 credit?

I purchased my Note 7 on 8/27/16.

I exchanged my Note 7 on 9/23/16 for another Note 7.

I unwilling exchanged my Note 7 for a Edge 7 on 10/19/16.


On my billing period 9/6-10/5 I have a line item - 10/5 "Samsung Note 7 Exchange credit" for $25.


I should have received another $75 credit for the Edge 7. I'm at my 4th bill and still no credit. 

When were these credits going to be applied? All the information I have read states within 3 billing cycles. Would the credit have the same description on my bill as the $25 credit stated? If so, then I have not seen this credit.


Let me add the struggle that I have had with Sprint ever since I made my purchase in August. When I made my purchase online I was promised two - $10 loyalty credits. One I received right away and the other was a fight(countless hours on the phone and in store), I was finally given a lump sum credit in January 2017 that is 5 months! Also, I had to call to have my tax refunded on my Note 7. I just do not understand why as a customer we continue to have to contact Sprint for billing issues like this? I have been a loyal customer for over 10 years (I have 5 lines and a tablet my bill is $400 monthly) and never had this many hurdles. When you call Customer Service I am force to speak with someone overseas and they continue to talk over you. I am promised a call back as they review my account and never received a return call. When I asked often about this $75 credit I am advised that you have no information on when refunds will take place. 


I hope you can provide some answers.



Sprint Employee



Your concerns are well understood. Allow us the chance to further investigate on this. I sent you a Private Message, please reply back to me as soon as you can.




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