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Out of stock issues


Out of stock issues

Looking for an alternative to my HTC one m8 with a busted charge port, and my 2 year upgrade window is up, so I'm due for an upgrade. Couple of days ago I had seen the note 7 out of stock online but available in most stores around my area. That was thursday of last week. I was waiting to make my decision of which phone to buy and I landed on the note. Only to check back to see it still out of stock online and the "in store availability" option no where to be seen. I called my first local store and they said it was not in stock and there would be no way to tell when it would be, as new phones are shipped daily and they don't know which ones are coming in. Do any stores have the note in stock? When will it be available online? thanks


Re: Out of stock issues

its really hard to say. there was a well known recall due to issues with the first batches that were released but that has been Samsung is trying to take care of the recall devices getting exchanged as well as cover the ones trying to purchase one across all carriers..that is where the delay has popped in.

what was your device prior to the M8?

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Re: Out of stock issues

I would really push you for the Note7, I love that phone.

Wait for it to be available online at sprint so you can take advantage of the discounts they have (free activation and free overnight shipping), with what I have read online, it should be another week or so before they are back on sale

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