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Product Ambassadors: Note Edge Final Review



The Note Edge is a great device, and I don’t have much I would change about it. Samsung’s Note products have always been the top tier in quality, and this one is no exception. The hardware is great, the software is innovative and all the components are top notch. It has a great feel in your hand, and it works great whether you are taking pictures with the awesome camera, reading emails on the bright and crystal clear screen or taking notes with the unique stylus.

After using this phone for a couple of months, here’s what I think are the best selling features

  • Large, high resolution screen
  • Unique and innovative edge display adds real functionality to the device - not just a gimmick
  • Integrated S-Health features for tracking health, fitness and biometrics eliminate the need to carry a separate fitness tracker
  • Cameras capture great images and even perform well in low light situations
  • Fingerprint scanner adds extra security to keep your data safe
  • Stylus both fun and useful for doodling or taking a quick note

The drawbacks are mostly based on personal preference, but you should definitely consider:

  • Size of the device make some one-handed operations difficult.
  • Battery life: Still lasts me the whole day, but sometimes just barely
  • Premium device comes at a premium price

I will mention several people on here have said they have had problems with the device dropping calls, and I have not ever experienced this. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen, just that I haven’t seen it on my phone.

I would highly recommend this device if you’re like me and you want to have the a high quality high-tech. Especially if you want to have a large screen and have a device something different than just the generic Android device. With the edge screen, stylus and finger print scanner this device really delivers in that area.

That’s all for now -- Your Product Ambassador Team

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