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11/7 - Samsung Galaxy Note II Software Update - L900VPALJC


11/7 - Samsung Galaxy Note II Software Update - L900VPALJC

Samsung Galaxy Note II Software Update - L900VPALJC


- GPS lock settings can be defaulted by corporate device administrators 

- Emails go to Outbox when in no coverage area or airplane mode

- Text message notification will beep while in a voice call (Alerts on call set to On/Off)

- Multi Window View feature to run two apps on the screen at the same time

Important Notes

- Software version is L900VPALJC

- Refer to the Samsung Galaxy Note II Software Updates blog for install instructions



Thank you for using Sprint Community to voice your questions and concerns.  If your maps application is force closing, it could be a corruption in the operating system.  I always recommend a factory reset of a device after performing an update.  This insures a clean installation.  Also, I would confirm that your maps application is up to date through the Google Play Store.

If you're receiving an error 67 when attempting to tether your phone to your laptop for data use, it is most likely because you do not have the hotspot plan.  In order to perform tethering or hotspot services, a  monthly subscription is required.  If you have subscribed to the service, I would recommend attempting an update data profile and trying again.

To Perform Update profile on Galaxy Note II:

Go to Settings>System Update>Update Profile



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