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Access voicemail saved on sd card


Access voicemail saved on sd card

I upgraded to the sgn2 from an htc device. Using the save 2 sd option in the htc's visual voicemail,  I saved my voicemails. I then loaded the sd card into the sgn2.  However no voicemails were displayed in the visual voicemail app. I confirmed that the saved voicemails from the htc are in the correct directory onthe sgn2 and have the same file ext.

The files are not corrupt as I can play them using other apps but there are no details attached to the file such as time and date and sender.

Has anyone had any success or if not any suggestions.



Similar to an email box you have different "folders" or sort options. In your case you want to sort by SD card instead of the general Voicemail inbox. See the instructions below on how to view the SD Card from the VVM application and move messages to your inbox:

Move Visual Voicemail messages from MicroSD card to Inbox

  1. Select the “Voicemail” icon to start voicemail. 
  2. Press “Voicemail” selector bar at the top of the screen. 
  3. Select “SD card” radio button 
  4. Press the “Menu” button. 
  5. Select “Move to Inbox”. 
  6. Select the message(s) you want to move back to the Inbox. 
  7. Press the “Move to Inbox” button. 
  8. Press “Cancel” to get out of the message select mode. 
  9. Press the “Voicemail” selector bar at the top of the screen to return to the Inbox.

Please let me know if this helps.

Thank you,



Hi Chris,

Thanks for replying.  Unfortunately, the problem is that the VM app does not see the voicemails that are on the SD card. So I can't transfer them to the Inbox.


I just tested this in the office with a couple of HTC and Samsung devices of various types and noticed the same thing you are seeing. For some reason the Samsung is not pulling the saved messages from the SD card.

I will do some more research on this and see if I can get a good answer as to what is going on. My thought would be that perhaps there is some kind of encryption or proprietary coding that is taking place that prevents the other device from pulling the voicemail. I will update once I hear back from my development team.




Any update on this problem?  I just got the HTC One and am I having the same problem moving voicemails from Motorola Photon.


I am having the same issue as well.  I went from the HTC Evo to the Samsung S5.  I popped my SD card back in my Evo and the voicemails are saved to the SD card, but in my S5 it's saying I have no voicemails on my SD card.  I also mounted the Evo as a disc drive and copied and pasted everything to my external hard drive, and I can't even find my voicemails saved there either.



I would like to provide you with detail steps of moving visual voicemails saved on a microSD card to a new phone:

- On the old phone, move Visual Voicemail Messages to MicroSD Card


- Use either the built-in file browser (available on some phones) or download a file manager app from the Android Market.
- Browse to the internal SD card folder /sdcard or /mnt/sdcard and select the smvvm folder.
- Copy the smvvm folder to the external sd card folder.
- Remove the SD from the old phone and put it in the new phone.
- If the new phone has an internal SD card, there are some additional steps to move the smvvm folder into the correct path.

- If there are any current messages stored in sd card according to the application, move Visual Voicemail Messages back from MicroSD Card to temporarily to save them.
- Use the file browser/file manager to browse to the /mnt/sdcard location and delete the smvvm folder.
- Browse to the external sdcard location and phone then copy the smvvm folder from external to the internal /mnt/sdcard location where the deleted smvvm folder was previously.Let me know if these are the steps you went through. If not, please inform me on the results after performing these steps listed above.

- Sophia
Sprint Social Care

I recently bought a new HTC One M8 and tried to copy the smvvm folder holding my archived messages from my old Samsung S3 to the new HTC phone, but they were not showing up in the Voicemail app. I received these instructions and they worked like a charm.

On the old phone in VVM archive all messages you wish to move to the new phone

- Place an external sdcard in the phone and use a File Explorer app to copy the smvvm folder from /mnt/sdcard/ to the external sdcard

- Go to Android Settings under Storage and unmount the external sdcard

- Remove the external sdcard from the old phone and place it in the new phone

- On the new phone in VVM, move any messages you wish to keep from Archive to the Inbox

Go to Settings -> Apps and force stop Voicemail (may not be necessary?)

- Use a File Explorer app to delete the smvvm folder from /mnt/sdcard/ if it exists there already

- Use a File Explorer app to copy the smvvm folder from the external sdcard to the /mnt/sdcard/ location

- Launch VMM

- Navigate to the archive folder and verify your messages are present

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