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Android.process.acore has stopped


Android.process.acore has stopped

"unfortunately the process android.process.acore has stopped" This message started popping up on my phone 3 days ago. I can no longer receive text. I cannot make calls but I can get them if I can swipe the  error message fast enough to answer my phone. The message pops up like every 3 seconds barely giving me time to do anything to correct it. Strangely I can get to my IHeart & Pandora radio apps to play them.But when I try to get to text messages or my contact list it shuts down & won't open up due to the pop up every 3 seconds. I can even get on the internet. It seems as if I can get to anything except my text & contacts.  I tried the soft reset. I cleared the cache. Went online & tried all the remedies. I even chatted with someone from Samsung to no avail. I can see my texts on preview screen but I cant open them up. Same with my phone book. The previews of the numbers I can see have removed the names. If someone calls me all I see is the phone number. Short of wiping the whole phone & losing everything what can I do?

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