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Are you getting a small circle when you touch your phone?

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Are you getting a small circle when you touch your phone?

After the update I downloaded when I got my phone yesterday, I am now getting a little circle when I touch my phone. It's like a bigger version of the circle from the S Pen. It's very annoying and not as accurate.It lags behind my finger when I swipe. I do not remember seeing it before the update.

Anyone else get this? How to get rid of?


TiffanyDW wrote:

MAke sured your device is set to CDMA only if you are not in an area with 4G LTE. This might helps with yourVM and texting issue. Menu>Settings>More Settings>Mobile Nteworks> Network Mode> CDMA

Hope this helps.

Ok, I did that so we'll see how that works. But what about when I am in a market that has it?

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