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Call Waiting issues on Samsung Galaxy Note II


Call Waiting issues on Samsung Galaxy Note II

I'm having the following issues with call waiting on my Note II.  Cannot switch between calls properly.  Can someone please tell me if there is a fix for this?  See details below:

First, if I'm doing something on my phone that requires entering numbers, like checking voice mail or on a call that I have to enter my account number, etc., if a call beeps in, it overtakes my whole screen and disables my ability to finish what I'm doing because I no longer have access to the keypad.  The incoming call screen will not go away as long as the call is beeping in, and I am forced to either answer the call or manually ignore the call by swiping the X button.  The typical result is I am required to now make two or three more phone calls.  Since my first call timed out because I didn't make my selections quick enough, because keypad was inaccessible due to incoming call overtaking entire screen and/or I could not hear the selection choices due to beeping from second call interrupting menu choices, and/or then finally taking phone away from ear to try to silence beeping, etc, I have to start my first call all over and hope that no other calls come in while I'm trying to accomplish my business.  I then have to call into my voice mail to check the message from the incoming call, then call that person back.

Secondly, when I am able to successfully answer the incoming call, then I cannot switch back to my first caller because when I try to switch back to them the phone hangs up the call.  Every time.  So I have to call them back.

Most of the time all I need is a few seconds to wrap up my first call, then click over and answer the second call, and I'm done.  Or I just need to put the first call on hold for a moment to handle second call, then switch back and resume where we left off.  Even a good old fashioned princess phone will do that.  Call waiting has been around for YEARS and working flawlessly all this time.  I can't believe the latest top-of-the-line $700 phone can't perform such a simple task. 

I can't tell you how much time and frustration it would save me if this worked properly.  I appreciate any input!


Re: Call Waiting issues on Samsung Galaxy Note II


Thanks for stopping by for assistance with your issue. We're here to help figure this out. If you are on a call and another one beeps in (call waiting), you decide to accept the call, do you have the option to tap "putting <123 456 7890> on hold"? If so, this will hold call #1 in place. When you end call #2, call #1 will automatically resume. Please share details if this is available for you.

We are still researching options, with regards to possibly "hiding" the call waiting screen to complete call #1 before accepting call #2 via call waiting. Thanks for your patience.

Ruth E

Social Care Team

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