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First Impressions of the Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 2


First Impressions of the Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 2

I have now had the GN2 for two days and it is truly the most remarkable phone I have ever owned. The graphics are extremely buttery smooth, the web browsing is absolutely the fastest I have experienced on any mobile device (via wifi), and the ipadesque battery life is unbelievable. After 14 hours of fairly heavy usage (extensive web browsing, recording video and stills, downloading apps, streaming youtube vids and netflix clips, and of course a couple voice calls), the battery still shows 30% power remaining. This phone is definitely a step up from my 2 year old HTC Evo. However, as with any new advice, there are always some minor glitches which are detailed as follows.

1. The screen will randomly dim without apparent reason (FIXED: I unticked the automatic brightness box, and this issue has not resurfaced).

2. Clicking on app icons will sometimes bring up the last viewed app for a few seconds (This was actually a common occurrence yesterday although today I have not encountered this issue).  

3. Using the native browser, when I double click a web page, the text is enlarged but is not auto formatted to fit the screen (even though I have checked off the "auto format text to fit screen" box in the settings).


4. On Google Maps, I no longer have the ability to call businesses by simply clicking on the phone icon listed on the map (I now have to click the box above the location and then, on the next screen, click the phone icon.....a redundant step).


5. It does not appear possible to add a quick link on the lock screen for the Samsung text messages.

6. As far as i can tell, there is no down arrow to retract the keyboard in applications. Sometimes you can click on the app screen above but it usually results in activating the editing prompt.


7. I live in Dallas, TX and even though 4G LTE was "rolled"out months ago, I am only to access 3G signals. Apparently, Sprint is still building additional towers.

8. The spell checker does not automatically insert the corrected word spelling (based on the context of the sentence). You have to click on the word to add it. I am emigrating from the HTC Evo, so I may need time to adapt to the Samsung spell checker.


9. The in-call volume is definitely muffled.

10. The Accuweather/clock widget on main page is not being updated, whether I manually hit refresh button or automatically by the phone. And strangely enough, the clock failed to update this morning for daylight savings. 

Has anyone else here experienced these issues? And, can you offer any tips to resolve?



Re: First Impressions of the Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Good to know.

I am getting my T-mobile version soon after canceling the AT&T order.


Re: First Impressions of the Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Two other things I have noticed:

  No call forwarding

  Cannot run apps from sdcard


Re: First Impressions of the Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 2

As you mentioned this is a great phone, and I love it too, but some minor issues that Sprint scre wed, but over all great phone.

AS far as your points:

1) as you figure out, the screen on automatic brightens, depends from the brightens of your surrounds, so if a shadow goes in it, it gets dimmer.

2) that usually happens to me if you left you phone idle, or if you didn't back out from the app using the back touch sensitive button on the bottom right side.

3) auto format for text was an issue that they had seen it since with the preview prototypes and it seams like it might be a Jelly Bean issue (hopefully they fix it soon)

4) No answer on that

5) I wished Samsung was as customizable as HTC, but there is nothing perfect, right?!

6) after finishing typing, if you press the back button on the bottom right of phone, it will retract.

7) no help there, I live in Vegas and since we have the original 4g, we will be one of the last markets to get 4G LTE

8) I know, unlike HTC, but also unlike HTC it will automatically learn the words, I txt Albanian sometimes and it has learned all the words I've used so far without me going an approving everything to be learned.

9) try playing with the sound settings, mine is fine, also you do have an enhance button in there, not sure if it is for speaker only or not.

10) The weather depends on how you did the initial setup, I did it every hour, and if I refresh it myself it will update. As far as the time change, Sprint time updated by itself, but the weather time was not, after I first opened the phone went back and forth few times and updated itself and never changed since.

I hope I could help. and hopefully there will be an update soon. lol

I come here trying to help people and I'm NOT employed by Sprint, so If my reply helped you or if you get an answer to your question from other users, PLEASE mark it as solved.

Re: First Impressions of the Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 2

I finally got my Note 2 (T-Mobile)

It took 1 call and 1 chat session to get the right plan I wanted.

Battery is very good

Screen is superb

Speed is very fast compared to Sprint in my town

Things I don't like

You cannot create folder by dragging 1 icon on top of the another one

Folder does not close automatically when you pick your application

Google Wallet not working (will root later to see if possible)

I will add more later

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