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Galaxy Note 2: External SD Card errors


Galaxy Note 2: External SD Card errors

Every time I turn on my phone or bring it out of standby it displays messages in the notification bar about the SD card. They generally say "SD card unexpectedly removed" or "SD card is being mounted". And each time this happens my music playlists are emptied. Sprint customer service reps have no clue how to fix it and don't care to help. The last rep said he would call back to help me with this, but of course that was a lie. He just wanted me off the line. I've tried another SD card in my phone and had the same problem. What does one do?


Re: Galaxy Note 2: External SD Card errors

I have been getting the very same error messages on my phone. The thing is, I had a 32 GB SanDisk which I thought went bad on its own, so I sent it back to the manufacture being it was still under warranty. I then replaced the original SD back into the phone, but still got the same errors!  Yes, what does one do? I wish I knew. Hopefully someone will come along and shed some light on this issue for us.

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