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Hardware ID Missing when plugged into Computer


Hardware ID Missing when plugged into Computer

I just bought this phone and when I attach the phone with my usb cable to my computer, I keep getting a message that states, Hardware ID not found. I can't see the contents of my phone or card. I also can not connect to Kies. I have reinstalled the driver many times. Anybody else have this problem? Does anyone know how to fix it. I did a factory reset on my phone and that didn't work either.



Re: Hardware ID Missing when plugged into Computer

I am having this same issue.  Had the phone for a while and it seems that in the last month or so I lost the ability to access my photos and documents from the computer.  I have also installed and uninstalled the Samsung drivers multiple times.  It gets to where I have MPT (never needed that before, was just F drive) and it shows names but every folder/file is unrecognized format.

This needs to be resolved please.

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