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Help with writing and saving documents, spreadsheets, etc on sd card and phone


Help with writing and saving documents, spreadsheets, etc on sd card and phone

When I connect my phone with the usb, the folder option opens and it gives me option and one of those is to open device to view files using windows explorer. I click on that and click on a file, i.e. a word document. I add or change the document and when I click on save, it opens a box that says save to and the option to save it to is C:\Users\my name\AppData\Local\Temp\WPDNSE\{01AB0144-0189-0142-0D01-260117013601}. It does not let  me save to the card.  When I click on save to C:\Users\my name\AppData\Local\Temp\WPDNSE\{01AB0144-0189-0142-0D01-260117013601}, it says this file is read only. I can read the files and delete the files. I looked at my sd card, and I do not see a tab to unlock it. I have used this card for my Galaxy SII and my HTC Evo and was always able to write and save any files. I looked at the document properties and it show that it is located in the above folder. My previous phones showed that they were drives (i.e. f drive). This phone shows it is a portable drive. My backup external drive shows it is a letter drive, so I don't know why the phone doesn't. Also, when I look at the thumbnail pictures, they are just icons, on my previous phones, the were the actual thumbnail for the picture. This also happens when I try the same thing with my storage in the phone.

Thanks for your help.

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