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KIES only works with Windows XP service pack 3


KIES only works with Windows XP service pack 3

As stated in one of my other posts about multiple windows not working, I just got off the phone with

a technical support guy from Samsung.

I was trying to use Kies program to back up my 8 gig micro sd card before replacing it with a 64 gig card.

I was using the USB cable that was provided with the Note 2.

I kept getting an error saying that it doesn't recognize my verison of Windows (which I'm running Windows 7 Pro).

The tech said that the current KIES program is for Windows XP service pack 3.

He said that personally, he thought the Samsung should have updated their Kies program before sending out the new

phones. He is getting alot of calls about this same issue.

So, for all you running any Windows versions that are newer than XP service pack 3, the KIES program won't work.

Mine wouldn't see my phone after numerous tries. Then, it did. It backed up my phone.

After that, it stopped recognizing my phone again.

When it finally decided to see the phone, it couldn't do a restore.

This is when I called tech support.

He told me that only way to get photo's, music, etc back into the Note 2 right now is to use a cloud service like

Dropbox, Google, etc.

He said that Samsung should be sending out an update to correct this.

Well, if they haven't updated KIES since XP, they obviously aren't too worried about updating anything.

This is so frustrating. I just ordered a new pc with Windows 8 (because it had no option not to).

Basically, I will have the latest phone and the latest Windows and nothing will work with either of them.

Geez, what a pain.

I guess for now, I should use my hubby's laptop that has XP in it still.

At least I could get stuff into my phone faster than using a cloud.

I'm starting to think that I should go back to my EVO which would suck since I already

ordered my 64 gig micro card and skins for my Note 2.

I love the Note 2 but how long is it going to take to the updates to get here?

Somebody has dropped the ball here!

Sprint and Samsung both seem to have some blame here.

Also, the tech told me that unless the people who write the apps allow the function

of the multi screen windows, it won't matter if Sprint gives it to us in an update.

All of the apps/programs have to be written to allow this to happen so some things will work

and some won't. Again, we won't know until if or when the update happens.

This is crazy!


Re: KIES only works with Windows XP service pack 3

Thanks for contacting Sprint in regards to this issue, I’m reviewing your information and will get to you shortly.



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Re: KIES only works with Windows XP service pack 3

Thanks for your patience, I did research this matter a little further. Apparently from many 3rd party forums I see that this seems to be an issue on Samsung’s side, which is also affecting many of their devices. I know how frustrating this can be, from what I see on Samsung’s page it clearly states that windows 7 is compatible with Kies. Reviewing this information there seems to be a clear disconnect from what the tech you spoke to at Samsung stated and what their official site claims, I would reference this when speaking to tech support at Samsung if you happen to give them another call. I would like to mention that Samsung does have another software called Kies air which allows you to wirelessly sync your device with kies through your Wi-Fi connection. 



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Re: KIES only works with Windows XP service pack 3

I just want to correct you that I didn't call Sprint, I called Samsung.

The tech I spoke with was a second level tech..the one you get when the first tech can't help you.

Basically, what it sounded like to me is that he was frustrated that Samsung sent out the SIII and the Note 2

without first updating the KIES program. I know this because he had the SIII and he was a little frustrated with

the situation as well.

We discussed Kies air as well.

In a nut shell, he told me to use dropbox, google or something like that with a cloud for now until Samsung

fixes their programs with updates.

I have been able to get photos into my Note 2 using alternatives but it's been a battle uphill to learn the in and out's of the Note 2.

When you call support, they aren't even familiar with all of the issues yet since the phone's are so new.

The guy at my Sprint store didn't even know what I meant when I asked him about the multi window function.

It sounds like we have brand new technology that no one is an expert at yet...not even Samsung!


Re: KIES only works with Windows XP service pack 3

VAE319 I would disagree with you.

Progress is always good, even though there are experts that know ins and outs of the Jelly Bean and Samsung interface, there are many, more that will become experts by using it and learning from mistakes.

As far as Kies goes, I told you on the other link it was compatible with 7, and it is with the 32bit systems, and on the 64 bit systems you can still install programs running in 32 bit.

If you read TheFifthLetter reply (which I thank for going out of his way googeling about this, which you could've done), he stated nothing about you blaming Sprint or calling Sprint, he was just telling you a way around if it worked. and what he found looking around the web.

I love people that come here for help, and I get your frustration, but don't vent it on people that try to help you.

I come here trying to help people and I'm NOT employed by Sprint, so If my reply helped you or if you get an answer to your question from other users, PLEASE mark it as solved.

Re: KIES only works with Windows XP service pack 3

Actually, I posted here so other people having the same problem I'm having will know why.

The Samsung tech told me that even though it says it works beyond versions of XP, it doesn't.

The tech told me he has had many calls over the same issue with Kies.

I know that it says it works up to windows 7 but the tech told me that it really isn't meant

for a version beyond xp and that Samsung needs to update it.

Even he said that he didn't understand why they sent the phones out before updating

Kies first.

As far as blame goes, sounds like Sprint and Samsung share equally in the rush to

get out the new phone to bring money in the door and then leave the consumer to figure

out how to use it. My guess is that alot of these are going to get returned to Sprint.

It does seem wrong to buy a brand new phone and then have to wait and see if an update comes

out to fix things or offer things (like multi windows) that was shown all over their tv commercials only to find that

it doesn't work and "maybe" it will come out in an update.

When something is brand new, you shouldn't need an update already.

If certain functions weren't going to be offered on the phone, then it should not have been advertised this way.

Sure, updates come out to fix issues or vulnerabilities but we shouldn't be hoping an update will come to

give us what the salesman sold us in the first place.

Just my opinion, everyone is entitled to one.

Judging by my discussion with the tech, I'm not the only one calling or complaining.


Re: KIES only works with Windows XP service pack 3

I get your frustration, and I'm not saying that you are bs-ing, I just wanted to bring out to your attention that your post was kind of rude for someone that went out of their way to find help for you.

As I stated Kies did work on a win 7 32 bit, I'll try it on a 64 bit, and let you know.but if you install it on Program Filex86 folder it "should" run in 64bit system ( that folder is where 32bit compatible programs are installed).

I'm just trying to help...

I come here trying to help people and I'm NOT employed by Sprint, so If my reply helped you or if you get an answer to your question from other users, PLEASE mark it as solved.

Re: KIES only works with Windows XP service pack 3

Sorry, I didn't mean to sound rude.

I guess we forget how typing reads vs words sounding.

This phone has turned into a lot of research and reading.

Trying to understand it all and I pretty much have brain fry at this point.

I guess the young kids get all this stuff easier than those of us who grew up

with 8 track players in our car!

I remember when it was exciting to be able to record on a cassette player.

Keeping up with technology is hard enough, but it doesn't help when the

people making the items can't even help you.

Sorry if I sounded rude, just a little frustrated and brain dead.

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