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Note 2 Lost of service


Note 2 Lost of service

I have noticed that their has been a lot more loss of service: dropping calls, no service, or roaming all day at in my town(52748) this started around April or May this year. I had excellent service before this time with the Note 2. I was even had service in the local nature reserve park/(heavily wooded area) . Now, every time I ask someone at the sprint store, they just keep telling me that they are upgrading the towers. It was never really a problem before, but now its has gotten ridiculous. I cannot even go into the unincorporated suburb without completely losing signal. All locations are within the service map area.


Re: Note 2 Lost of service


Thank you for reaching out to us, I can definitely understand your frustration.

I have looked into your area, there are upgrades going on, but I would like to get more information from you to pinpoint your exact issue. Please provide me with the nearest cross streets to where you're having the service issues that you state was never a problem before.

I appreciate your patience while I take a look into this for you. Thanks again.

Jessica  Social Media Care

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