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Please help! Is it the Note 2 or is it just Sprint?


Please help! Is it the Note 2 or is it just Sprint?

Hey guys and girls,

I come to you again with another issue with the Galaxy Note 2 (GN2) in hope there is one of you or more who have had the same issues I have had and can shed some light on the problem. From day one when I purchased the GN2 from the local Sprint store I had issues sending and receiving text messages. I continually got error code 34 and error code 97 when sending text messages resulting in the message saying it failed to send. It wasnt frequent enough to make me want to turn in this amazing phone so I dealt with the problem for about a week. The next week the problem increased, more at my house than out on the road and due to low signal coverage in my area I have a AirRave device and figured that could be the problem. They said I had a gen 1 Airrave and said they would replace it with the new and improved Airrave. When I got it, all was good and then the problems started the next day. I contacted the tech support and went through the normal codes and PRL updates and such they always do when you call with a problem. After about 2-3 weeks with the phone, and the constant eoor code 34 and 97s, they said it must be the phone, we will send you a new GN2 free of charge. So 5 days later I get my new phone, and all was good for about 3 days. Now I am still getting error code 34 and 97 when sending about 50% of my text messages the other half will go through. When I ask the techs on the Sprint support line, what are error code 34 and 97? My response has been, "I am not sure, I will have to look it up." Which they didnt, so I never got my answer. I have spend approximately 20 hours of my life on the phone with Sprint tech support over the last month trying to figure out why I am having text messaging problems. I forgot to add, on the first device, I wasnt able to receive phone calls at all, from anyone for a week straight before getting my replacement device, no texts or calls received, although I was able to call out, I was not able to text out. So weird, I dont get what the problem with the GN2 is or if its not the device, what the problem with Sprint is. If anyone has any similar issues with any solutions or even explanation of what is going on now that I am on my second GN2 and second AirRave device in a month, that would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks guys, Keep the responses coming.


Few questions I had was: are you in a 4G LTE zone or not, and do your have the radio on automatic, LTE/CDMA or just CDMA.

I had Code 97 errors when I first got the phone and I blamed the person at the Sprint Store who tried to do the initial setup on the phone w/out WiFi available in there.

Also have you ever done a factory reset on the phone and start it fresh?

Also when you call tech support ask them to reset the network data settings and have them help you set it up again.

Since the beginning I'm good, I see a slight delay on receiving txt and email updates but other then that, all good.

My settings are: Radio in Auto, since I have no LTE around.

I hope this helps. Let us know if you fix it and what you did.

I come here trying to help people and I'm NOT employed by Sprint, so If my reply helped you or if you get an answer to your question from other users, PLEASE mark it as solved.
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