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S-Pen AirView preview feature not working in Messaging app?


S-Pen AirView preview feature not working in Messaging app?

So, what's up with this?  Samsung bug or did I get a lemon??

The AirView feature is supposed to provide a 'bubble' pop-up box when hovering the S-pen over email lists and messaging lists, among other things.  On my Note2, this feature works fine in the stock Mail app, but does not work in the messaging app.  Would appreciate if someone could verify.

Here's a video of a Sprint Note2 that shows the AirView working over a list of messages (forward video to 7:08 to see what I'm describing)


Hi Eeggman,

Thanks for your post on Sprint's Community Forum. I understand that you had some questions about the S-Pen AirView preview. I understand that you are advising your feature is not working, and I will gladly look into this matter for you. I too have that Galaxy Note 2, and I believe the phone is phenomenal!!!

In order for the S-Pen AirView feature to work you must first activate that feature. You may do so by going to MENU>>SETTINGS>>S-Pen>> and turn the S-Pen on. Also within that same menu there are several other settings you may consider modifying to get the most out of your S-Pen.

Please keep me posted on the outcome of you modifying those settings.

Thank You,

Yahkie W.

Sprint Social Care Team


I have AirView activated.  As I mentioned in my OP, the hover feature works ok in Email, Calendar but not in Messaging.


the s- pen airview works in messaging for me as long as i am actually creating / editing the message, but once it is sent it is read only until you reply or forward and again have the text entry window .  Hope this helps, and is clear.  PS... outlook mail is like that too; once message is sent, you have to forward or reply to edit; no editing when just open. Good Luck.  love the note II; still have areas i need help with as well, but will save that for another day.  


Just an update to  what Yahkie_DePaul stated in the post:-Let me ask you this- Is the AirView preview is not working on the downloaded Messaging app or stock  messaging app?

Complete this troubleshooting steps:-

1. Turn off the handset.

2. Remove the battery and wait for 1 minute

3. Reinsert the battery and turn ON the device.

Please tap on Settings>> Applications>> Manage Applications>> All-select Messaging App and clear the data/clear cache.

Try again  and let me know.



I did a factory reset and AirView still doesn't work as shown in the video shown in my original post.  When hovering with the pen over text messages in the list view, some will preiview but others won't.  There seems to be no rhyme or reason to which ones will preview, so I have to conclude that this is a bug or a bad phone.


Have you heard anything else about this? Mine is doing the same thing. I get it on some text messages, but not on others, no reason as to why...

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