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S note app on Galaxy S Note 2


S note app on Galaxy S Note 2

Is there any fix available for the s note app force closing? Since the 4.3 update the app isn't working at all. I have read this has been going on for quite some time and can't find a fix for it. Please, this is what makes this phone worth having. Is there anything else than a factory reset?


Re: S note app on Galaxy S Note 2

There are 2 fixes for this. My phone I had to back it all up and do a factory reset BUT on my wife's phone I simply was able to go into setting> Apps and clear the cache and DATA for the S Note app without a full reset.


Re: S note app on Galaxy S Note 2


Thanks for reaching out, are you still having issues with your application force closing? Have you tried any of the suggested steps provided in the thread? Have you visited a Sprint service and repair location to have your device looked at? Please let us know. 

Charles G. 

Sprint Social Care Team 

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