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Samsung GALAXY Note II - Available this Fall


Re: Samsung GALAXY Note II - Available this Fall

bumpandrun is correct. You can add on the monthly Hotspot plan to an existing phone with two options:

1) $19.99/month for 2GB

2) $49.99/month for 6GB

Details can be found in the Mobile Hotspot Blog

Re: Samsung GALAXY Note II - Available this Fall

Samsung's Galaxy Note 2 is the best thing since sliced bread. There is really no way to articulate how excellent the display and functionality is.

You simply have to experience the excellence. So far beyond the performance & capabilities of Apple iPhone (and we have 5 iPhones on our plan),

that it is not comparable. Both are excellent in different ways. However, if you need or desire a large display for a special use (entertainiment, or

aviation weather presention - as is my case), you cannot do better than the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. As an aside, as a Kindle reader, it's nearly

as large as the Kindle Fire, and the Note 2 display is superb for all uses.

If your pockets are too small for this device, then you need to purchase new clothing. This device is that good.

Display, functionality, logic of operating system, phone fuction, Bluetooth, Wifi, cameras, entertainment (movie display, imagery display) and battery (which lasts all day) are all top knotch.

I enjoyed an identical model with ATT, but they are too greedy with data fees for the whole family (and ATT's data share, actually should be re-titled "data rationing"). Whatever the case, and even with ATT's good service, their policy of killing customers with data fees ran me off. And I was with them for nearly 20 years.

Back to this phone & Sprint service... Sprint's remote cell service may not be on par with ATT or Verizon, but it is acceptable and the price for unlimited data (for the entire family was the deal-maker.

So far, I've had very good to excellent tele-service from Sprint representatives at every opportunity.

Couple that (fluent English-speaking tele-service, unlimited data, excellent devices: Apple iPhones & my Note 2), and I remain very impressed with Sprint.

Had I to do it over again (i.e., switch from ATT to Sprint) and knowing in-advance of a few hassles along the way, I would do it again.

Great Note 2 device. It walks the dog. Very good to excellent customer service from Sprint. Wife & kids are happy with iPhones and unlimited data.

Happy customer


Re: Samsung GALAXY Note II - Available this Fall

I agree, its the besrt device (phone wise) I have used to date. Multi-function features alone bring it to the forefront of usefullness.

Its the reason why I also bought the Note 10.1 WiFi tablet. Which I see that Sprint will be offering as well soon with LTE capability.



Re: Samsung GALAXY Note II - Available this Fall

Yep.  Picked up mine 12/24/12.  This is easily the best phone ever made. Bought the note 10.1 back in the fall when it came out and fell in love with it. and just had to have the phone too. Now the note 10.1 has JB 4.1.2 and multiview has been expanded to include google apps and you can open as many windows as you want plus resize them.  Incredible. 

Another perk for the note II is the Samsung touchwiz which is a very nice UI.  I haven't had to download a bunch of apps to get certain functionalities as this phone does it all.

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