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Samsung Galaxy Note II Software Updates

VersionRelease date
Description of Enhancement/Fix

- Waking a device with the home key incorrectly brings up the Recently Used

  applications screen

- Home Screen security updates

Discuss it here


-Security updates

Discuss it here


- GPS lock settings can be defaulted by corporate device administrators 

- Emails go to Outbox when in no coverage area or airplane mode

- Text message notification will beep while in a voice call

- Multi Window View feature to run two apps on the screen at the same time

Discuss it here

L900VPALJ110/25/2012Initial Release

Important Notes:

-  Updates are released in stages; if you do not receive a notification on your device immediately, please check back later. 

   All devices should receive the update within approximately 5 days.

-  Battery should be charged to at least 50% or the device should be connected to a charger before beginning the update 

-  If available, connect to Wi-Fi or 4G to apply the update

-  Update consists of a download and an install process:

  - Download time in the background will take approximately 5 minutes. The device may be used while  the update is downloading.

  - Install time could take up to 15 minutes.  The device will not be usable during the install.  Prior to the initiation of the install, the

    following message will be displayed on the device as a reminder: “Your device will be out of service while installing the  download”.

WARNING: During the upgrade process the device may reboot multiple times and show software upgrade screens. Do not remove

the battery as this will stop the update and your device may be rendered inoperable!  Do not attempt to use the device until the

“Congratulations” screen appears.

Update your software:

Software will be automatically downloaded to your device

1.  A system update screen will prompt the user to 'install now' or 'install later'

     If 'install later' is selected, a reminder will be sent once or twice a day to install the update

     If 'install now' is selected, the device will power off and back on to complete the software update


Check for updates (only available if 'install later' was selected in step 1 above)

1.  Go to the Home screen

2.  Tap Apps > Settings > System Update > Update Samsung Software > Check now

3.  Your phone will automatically download and install any available updates.  You may need to power your phone off and back on to

     complete the software update.

Check the software version on your device:

1.  Go to the Home screen

2.  Tap Menu > Settings > About device

3.  The build number will show the current software version in the L900xxxxxx format

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