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Samsung Galaxy SII E-mail Setup for Roadrunner


Samsung Galaxy SII E-mail Setup for Roadrunner

I just wanted to share this in hopes it helps other people having issues setting up their E-mail from Time Warners Roadrunner provider.

I just received a replacement phone and was trying to set up my Roadrunner e-mail again. I first went to Sprint who referred me to Time Warner who then referred me to Samsung who then referred me back to Time Warner.

After going though all this it ended up being some of the settings that automatically load when you try to set up your Roadrunner account are not correct for Cell Phones. Basically the Ports on both the incoming and outgoing are wrong. The incoming port was 995 and the outgoing was 456. They should be Incoming port should have been 110 and the outgoing port should be 587. I put some details below that will hopefully help others. I am sure these are probably the same for other phones as well when trying to set up a Roadrunner Account. Give them a try and if they don't call Time Warner. However before they refer you to the phone maker as them to tell you what ports you should be using for the incoming and outgoing. I was irritated with Time Warner for not verifying that the first time I called them. I believe I even asked them. I am just glad to have been able to finally get it up and running.

Incoming Settings

Pop3 Server  

Security Type           None

Port                           110

Outgoing Settings

smtp Settings 

Security Type           None

Port                           587


Re: Samsung Galaxy SII E-mail Setup for Roadrunner

By the way if you are not in San Antonio Texas then you would need to know your proper POP3 Server setting. It is usually the same as anything past the @ symbol on your e-mail address.

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