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The Galaxy Note II takes Multi-tasking to the extreme…


My device was recently updated to the latest firmware and now I'm able to use the split-screen feature on my Samsung Galaxy Note II. With a few taps I was ready to go… Instantly I was impressed. I haven’t yet had a device that could allow me to do 4 to 5 things at one time. Now this is truly multi-tasking to the extreme.


It came so natural to me. Without thought I would be surfing the internet and taking a note at the same time. Or browsing FB and watching a video simultaneously.

Through a combination of applications and new features Samsung has created an entirely new way to use your phone. With pop-up note, pop-up play (videos), pop-up browser, quick commands, and air view you can get things done all at the same time with ease.

  • Pop-Up Browser

This allows you to open a new window instead of another tab when browsing the internet. You select a link.

  • Pop-Up Video

This allows you to watch a “locally stored” video on any screen while doing other things. You can resize the box, pause or close it out right from the pop-up video. Pretty cool feature!

  • Pop-Up Note

While on a call or sending a text, to browsing the internet or playing a game, you can pull out your S-Pen and hold down the button as you double tap the screen and Pop-Up Note appears.

  • Multi-View (aka multi-window, or split screen)

This allows you to have two applications running at the same time, both viewable on the screen at once.

    • Applications compatible: Chrome, Talk, Gallery, Facebook (and Twitter I have read), Internet, Maps, Video Player, YouTube, S Note, Gmail, ChatOn, Email and Messaging

TIP: Once Multi-View is turned on you can hold the back button for 2-3 seconds to toggle the feature on and off. You can tap and hold the blue tab to move it from left to right, or top to bottom. Once you have selected the side you want it on close the tab and then you can drag it up or down or left or right to get it exactly where you want it on the side of your screen.

Check out this video to see some of the cool things you can do all at the same time.

Video Link


There are just 3 things I don’t like about these features

  • That I can’t just open pop browser like I would the normal browser, it has to be trigger through opening a link. Once launched you can change the address in the address bar. As long as you don’t close the browser window you can use it. It will not appear in your recent apps tray though.
  • That I can’t play “any” video through Pop-Up Video, only locally stored video files.
  • That only certain applications work with Multi-Window (yes I know this is not true if your rooted, but I don’t want to root my device)

Have you tried out any of these features if so what do you think? Let us know how you are using these features and share any cool tricks you might have learned.

Thanks for reading…

Download the Galaxy Note II User Digest from the Play Store