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Why did my Note II Quit making/receiving calls & txt


Why did my Note II Quit making/receiving calls & txt

After updating to 4.3 my phone started having screen & stylus issues. That suddenly turned into constantly shutting down or freezing (roughly 1GB of available device memory) forcing me to pull the battery. Now I can't make or receive calls or txt. I fortunately have internet access though and can send mms. Working out of town and in the middle of nowhere being told "the trouble ticket has been resolved and closed" or to "Call for support" if Im not satisfied is infuriating! Im not above switching all 5 of my lines to another provider if this isn't corrected ASAP.


Re: Why did my Note II Quit making/receiving calls & txt


I'm sorry to see such frustrations occur and we don't want to see you go.  We are here to help and we can look into this matter to see what's going on.  What are your cross streets and zip code?  Does the issue only occur at a particular location or does it seem to travel with you everywhere?  Do you receive any error codes and/or messages?

Sprint Social Care Team


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