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Samsung Galaxy Note II


VersionRelease date
Description of Enhancement/Fix

- Waking a device with the home key incorrectly brings up the Recently Used

  applications screen

- Home Screen security updates

Discuss it here


-Security updates

Discuss it here


- GPS lock settings can be defaulted by corporate device administrators 

- Emails go to Outbox when in no coverage area or airplane mode

- Text message notification will beep while in a voice call

- Multi Window View feature to run two apps on the screen at the same time

Discuss it here

L900VPALJ110/25/2012Initial Release

Important Notes:

-  Updates are released in stages; if you do not receive a notification on your device immediately, please check back later. 

   All devices should receive the update within approximately 5 days.

-  Battery should be charged to at least 50% or the device should be connected to a charger before beginning the update 

-  If available, connect to Wi-Fi or 4G to apply the update

-  Update consists of a download and an install process:

  - Download time in the background will take approximately 5 minutes. The device may be used while  the update is downloading.

  - Install time could take up to 15 minutes.  The device will not be usable during the install.  Prior to the initiation of the install, the

    following message will be displayed on the device as a reminder: “Your device will be out of service while installing the  download”.

WARNING: During the upgrade process the device may reboot multiple times and show software upgrade screens. Do not remove

the battery as this will stop the update and your device may be rendered inoperable!  Do not attempt to use the device until the

“Congratulations” screen appears.

Update your software:

Software will be automatically downloaded to your device

1.  A system update screen will prompt the user to 'install now' or 'install later'

     If 'install later' is selected, a reminder will be sent once or twice a day to install the update

     If 'install now' is selected, the device will power off and back on to complete the software update


Check for updates (only available if 'install later' was selected in step 1 above)

1.  Go to the Home screen

2.  Tap Apps > Settings > System Update > Update Samsung Software > Check now

3.  Your phone will automatically download and install any available updates.  You may need to power your phone off and back on to

     complete the software update.

Check the software version on your device:

1.  Go to the Home screen

2.  Tap Menu > Settings > About device

3.  The build number will show the current software version in the L900xxxxxx format

Note:  Comments are restricted on this blog.  Please post any comments under the thread for the specific software update.


My device was recently updated to the latest firmware and now I'm able to use the split-screen feature on my Samsung Galaxy Note II. With a few taps I was ready to go… Instantly I was impressed. I haven’t yet had a device that could allow me to do 4 to 5 things at one time. Now this is truly multi-tasking to the extreme.


It came so natural to me. Without thought I would be surfing the internet and taking a note at the same time. Or browsing FB and watching a video simultaneously.

Through a combination of applications and new features Samsung has created an entirely new way to use your phone. With pop-up note, pop-up play (videos), pop-up browser, quick commands, and air view you can get things done all at the same time with ease.

  • Pop-Up Browser

This allows you to open a new window instead of another tab when browsing the internet. You select a link.

  • Pop-Up Video

This allows you to watch a “locally stored” video on any screen while doing other things. You can resize the box, pause or close it out right from the pop-up video. Pretty cool feature!

  • Pop-Up Note

While on a call or sending a text, to browsing the internet or playing a game, you can pull out your S-Pen and hold down the button as you double tap the screen and Pop-Up Note appears.

  • Multi-View (aka multi-window, or split screen)

This allows you to have two applications running at the same time, both viewable on the screen at once.

    • Applications compatible: Chrome, Talk, Gallery, Facebook (and Twitter I have read), Internet, Maps, Video Player, YouTube, S Note, Gmail, ChatOn, Email and Messaging

TIP: Once Multi-View is turned on you can hold the back button for 2-3 seconds to toggle the feature on and off. You can tap and hold the blue tab to move it from left to right, or top to bottom. Once you have selected the side you want it on close the tab and then you can drag it up or down or left or right to get it exactly where you want it on the side of your screen.

Check out this video to see some of the cool things you can do all at the same time.

Video Link


There are just 3 things I don’t like about these features

  • That I can’t just open pop browser like I would the normal browser, it has to be trigger through opening a link. Once launched you can change the address in the address bar. As long as you don’t close the browser window you can use it. It will not appear in your recent apps tray though.
  • That I can’t play “any” video through Pop-Up Video, only locally stored video files.
  • That only certain applications work with Multi-Window (yes I know this is not true if your rooted, but I don’t want to root my device)

Have you tried out any of these features if so what do you think? Let us know how you are using these features and share any cool tricks you might have learned.

Thanks for reading…

Download the Galaxy Note II User Digest from the Play Store


I came across this video and wanted to share it with everyone because it shows all the amazing things you can do with this powerful device. Not only does it demo the features but it shows you how to do it. Enjoy.

Direct Link


I thought I would compile a short list of tricks I learned over the last few days. Here are 10. Please check out the link below for even more tips. This device has so many features, so here are just a few tricks. gsnote2.bmp

Don’t lose your pen!

Make sure you’re alerted if you walk away and forget your pen. By turning this feature on you will be alerted when you’ve forgotten your pen. That doesn’t mean the device will help you find it, so try not to lose it!

Settings > S Pen > S Pen Keeper

Make hand writing on the Note comfortable

Tweak your Pen style. You want a marker, pen, pencil, or paint brush? You want a .02 pencil or a .05, well adjust the size. Is your favorite color red or purple, and then change the color. To customize these options, open any application that uses the S-Pen, like S-Note. Tap the icon of the pen tip and customize and then save by tapping the + button to the top right. You can save as many as you would like and switch up whenever you like.

Arrange your music by moods
Open the Samsung Music player and slide the tabs at the top to the left until you see Music Square. When opened for the first time it will scan your music library. Then it arranges the tracks by mood - passionate, calm, exciting and joyful. Tap a block within the grid and a track will be played to match your mood. Amazing!

Learn quick Commands

Learning the S-Pen quick commands makes calling, texting, opening an application or basically anything fast and easy with just a few swipes of the pen.

Use your Micro USB port to stream video

With a Samsung cable (MHL-to-HDMI converter) you can output HD video and surround audio to your TV.  How cool is that!

Easily move pictures from one folder to another

Want to organize your pictures, the Note II lets you easily drag-and-drop pictures to folders of your choice (not sync pictures/albums from social sites). Open an album> Hold down on the picture you want to move and once you see the box appear around it, drag it to the folder you want to put it in.

Jelly Bean easter egg Yay!!!

If you haven’t heard of the Jelly Bean Easter egg, well then it’s time to introduce you. Go to Settings menu > About device and rapidly tap on the Android version number until a huge red jelly bean appears over your home screen picture.  Hold your finger on the Jelly Bean until it explodes into dozens of bright jelly beans. Want more fun, you can shot and flick them off the screen… what better way to pass time.

Direct Dial

Are you texting with a friend and want to call them without bringing up your keypad. Done… while in the text conversation hold the phone up to your ear and it will ring the person you were text messaging. In order to use this feature you must enable it. Go to Settings > Motion < Direct Call. While your hear check out the other motion features you can enable and use, as well as the tutorials. Have fun!

Hard Keys

Google Now

Hold down your MENU key to quickly open Google Now.

Recent Apps

Hold down your HOME key to open your recent apps, swap an app away to close it, or tap the manage apps button (looks like a pie cut into 3) to see what’s running. You can tap the “g” button to open Google Now, or the Trash Can to close all open apps.

Double tap the HOME key to open up S-Voice.

Share Your S Notes through Social Networks

Post your S Notes, with the layers, to your social networks like Facebook and Google+ for others to see. And other Galaxy Note II users to download and edit. Collaborate!

Here is a list I found online that I thought you might enjoy…

Here are some cool guides in the Play market   - Note II user guide in Play  - S-Pen user guide in Play

I hope you enjoyed my blog!

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