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will a unlocked samsung note 2 work with sprint???


will a unlocked samsung note 2 work with sprint???

Like the title says, i found some place here in miami thats selling NOTE 2's and they are unlocked my question is will it work with sprint, i dont wanna go spending my money blindly....any info is greatly appreciated...thanks guys.


Re: will a unlocked samsung note 2 work with sprint???

Hello.  I've worked for Sprint for many years and "unlocked" phones rarely work on our network.  Although technology is changing quickly and with the iPhone 5s being either Verizon or Sprint depending on who activates them, that's Apple and not Samsung.  It has been my experience, that if the MEID or ESN, as it use to be called, is NOT loaded in our data base of devices built specifically for Sprint, (execpt in the case of Apple iPhones) it will NOT be recognized by our billing system and therefore cannot be activated.  If we get the Samsung Note, our devices will have the Sprint logo on them. 

Hope this helps,

Tom Deaver

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