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Final thoughts with Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Camera - Sprint Product Ambassador

Sprint Product Ambassador


Time flies when you are having fun with your Samsung Galaxy Note 5..... I am in my final week reviewing this phone and I would like to look at the camera. The Note 5 has a 16 MP rear facing camera and does a great job at taking pictures. I take a lot of pictures of my girls out playing and having fun along with the casual pose here in there. My Note 5 never let me down in capturing a picture of my girls playing....


Here is an action shot without having to switch modes. I took this picture of my girls kicking the soccer ball around. I have seen many times a picture like this would be blurred.... I do wish it was not so windy out that day, although my girls were having fun and that is all that mattered. This was a really good outdoor shot and I have many more that are even better where my oldest stopped and asked me to take a picture....

Star Wars.jpg

The Note 5 does a great job at taking pictures indoors too... We visited Target and Katie asked to get here picture taken with Chewy, I mean how could I resist that. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 was able to take the picture full of color.... the nice thing is I did not even have to edit the picture to brighten it or anything. I have taken pictures with my Canon where I have to tweak it to lighten everything up. My Note 5 takes better pictures than my Canon camera...

Pumkin Patch.jpg

Another great picture taken with my Note 5 outside on a cloudy day. Once again the picture came out perfect and required no additional tweaking. I can crop this picture down and have on
e that is even better for the holidays...


First thing I do when I receive a new phone to review is check out the camera settings for Grid Lines and turn it on if available. The Note 5 does have the option to turn on Grid Lines. The option to mute the shutter sound is also there by turning ringer volume off or down. The question some have asked me is would I recommend the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. I would most defiantly recommend the Note for several reasons from the camera to S Pen. I have used those two feature so much here lately I would probably be lost without them. I thought no microSD card option would be a problem, although I have 10GB left on my phone and move my pictures to the cloud.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 offers several camera features worth checking out:

  • Cameras: 16 Mega-Pixel Rear facing Camera, 5 MP front facing. Smart Stabilization
  • LED flash
  • Eraser Shot: Remove unwanted background distractions in your photos and videos with just one touch.
  • Drama Shot: Capture a time-lapse event all in one frame.
  • Surround Shot, Beauty Face, Best Face, Burst Shot and Best Photo
  • Smart Stay: Uses facial recognition technology and the front facing camera to identify the users eyes.
    • Smart Stay detects the user is looking at the screen and keeps the display from timing out
  • Selfie
  • Low light sensor
  • Wide Angle Selfie

Visit a Sprint store and check out the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and the camera features it offers to see if it is the phone for you.



Your Sprint Product Ambassador team

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