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My Note 5 Action Memo with S Pen - Sprint Product Ambassador

Sprint Product Ambassador

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I have been using the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 for several weeks and one of the features I am really enjoying is the S Pen with Action Memo. When you remove the S Pen, the Air Command apps are available. The one I use the most is Action Memo to take quick notes on the go or write down an address of somewhere I am going while on the phone.

Spen 2.PNG Spen 3.PNG

The Action Memo reminds me of Post-It notes I use in the office except with a lot more options, colors with the ability to edit them when needed. Plus, I can share an Action Memo if needed once I jotted everything down. Above is just one example of how Action Memo can be used with the S Pen. Once I am done with my S Pen I put it away. I can either save or just hit my home key to go back to my homepage. I prefer to just go back to the homepage without saving so that it leaves it note on my screen. This note will show up on my screen with any app I pull up on my phone as reminder.

Spen 4.PNG

Once I am done with the reminder I can either save or delete it. One of the options available through Air Command settings is Detach S Pen to turn on Air Command while screen is unlocked. This another nice feature that allows you to remove the S Pen and take a quick note without having to turn your screen on or unlocking your phone. Once the S Pen is paced back into the Note 5, the Note has been saved in S Note.

When I save an Action Memo it is saved in S Note for access later. The Note can be pined to your screen and will show everything written down which is why I use the other method of just clicking on the home screen button. This is how I have been using my S Pen the last couple of weeks. The Smart Select and Screen Write are two other options available I have played with, although I do not use them as much as Action memo.

Visit a Sprint store and check out the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 along with the S Pen features with Action Memo.



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