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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 - The S Pen - Sprint Product Ambassadors

Sprint Product Ambassador

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 - The S Pen


I am a Samsung fan but a newbie to the note series and the whole S-Pen thing. I think the S-Pen is an ingenious design and great add-on to an already awesome device. If you have never used a Note series before and don't know what the S-pen is follow along maybe you will see something you will like. The S-pen adds value to your device. Users can capture pages, make notes, share web snippets, and even put together collages.

The S-pen is just that a Pen looking stylus with a sensor and button feature built in. the phone is preset to auto recognize when the S-Pen is detached. But once removed from its pocket the phone will auto bring up the Air Command view. This view shows the S-Pen short-cuts used to access the S-Pens keen features and services. Samsung provides 4 Applications with the ability to also add 2 more of your own. The four pre-loaded are the Action memo, Smart select, Screen write, and S Note.


Action Memo is the standard memo application to be used with the S-Pen. The application allows the user to write quick memo. The memo can then be setup with a reminder to pop up for your review at either a set time or one of your choosing. I use it whenever my wife says we are out of something and needs me to pick it up from the store on the way home. I make a memo of what we need and set a reminder to pop up when I leave work.

Screenshot_2015-09-21-08-46-48.png Screenshot_2015-09-21-08-46-51.png Screenshot_2015-09-21-08-47-01.png Screenshot_2015-09-21-08-54-10.png

Smart Select happens to be one of my favorite features of the S-Pen. With Smart Select users can cut snippets of anything being displayed on the screen. From pictures, to screenshots, to webpage copying. Users have 3 options for capturing your snippet that get saved in your gallery or scrapbook for later use. Using rectangle, Lasso (which is basically free hand) or oval. Once the snippet is formed the capture is taken. You can accept what you grabbed or use the Auto shape feature to tighten the capture even more to what you are trying to highlight. These snippets can then be sent with attached memos to someone. Users can even write directly on the snapshots to highlight or add to them.

Screenshot_2015-09-21-09-04-27.png Screenshot_2015-09-21-09-07-26.jpg

Screen write is basically a full screen capture. It will enable a user to take a screenshot of what you are viewing make a memo on it and either save it or send it to someone. It's great for labeling photos or making notes right on the photo. One of the newest feature that comes with screen write is the ability to now capture full webpage views. Added is the ability to scroll capture. This will capture the entire screen shot of the webpage you are viewing you then can edit it later or send it to someone via the sharing features.

Screenshot_2015-09-21-09-14-42.jpg Screenshot_2015-09-21-09-15-59.png Screenshot_2015-09-21-09-03-09.jpg

The final added application is S Note. This application has same built in memo features but with more options. Users can still take memos using the application with even the same options to create reminders. This application basically ties in the feature and memo application in one. Aside from memos users can create larger note files with additional features. These features include the adding of the snippets taken with the smart select feature and combining them into larger collages. The S-Note can have the blank background converted to one of the background types depending on the user needs. Turn the S-Note into a diary, or a calendar, or even a picture diary. It is endless on how this application can be used.

Screenshot_2015-09-21-09-23-24.png Screenshot_2015-09-21-09-23-27.png Screenshot_2015-09-21-08-23-33.png Screenshot_2015-09-21-09-27-40.png

The S-Pen adds true functionality to the device. It is not something that should be looked at as though it is useless. From capturing, to sharing, to even creating memories. This handing tool gives users the ability to control their device even more with the information we are wanting to remember and use later one, from reminder memos, to creating collage memories, The S-Pen is here to stay and definitely is one of the neatest creations to be used alongside the Note 5.

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