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Forwarding calls to my Note 5 is not working


Forwarding calls to my Note 5 is not working

OK guys, this one is really killing me. Short version, I work from home. When I'm out with a client, I forward all calls to my Note 5. I used to get them, now I don't. Anyone have this issue?


Longer version for those that are interested. I had my IT department troubleshoot on their end and they found nothing. I tested their work by forwarding to my wife's S7 (same notwork, same plan). She got the calls with no issue. I can forward to my home phone with no issue as well. Sprint says it's the phone, talk to Samsung. Samsung says it's a network issue even though the network works for other phones. I've updated everything there is to update (Profile, PRL, Software and Network) Before I factory reset, which I do not want to do, is there something I am missing? I'm not giving up the Note without trying everything or the Note 8 is released. Thoughts?, Ideas?

Thank you


Sprint Employee

Hi bupkiss, we'll be glad to check on this issue. I'll ask you a few questions to make sure we understand and to assist you better with this issue.


1- Are you forwarding the calls between 2 Sprint phones? If so, are they on the same account?

2- What's the make and model of the phone you're supposed to receive the call and get them forwarded to your Note 5?

3- What message is heard when trying to forward the calls to the Note 5?

4- How did you set you the call forwarding?

5- Have you tried removing the option and setting it up again?


Sprint Social Care

Thanks for answering Carlos, 

1. I am forwarding from a VOIP phone system provided by my employer. 

2. The Phone is a CISCO CP-8941

3. When calling the Cisco phone there is a 30-45 second pause/dead air until you either get a busy signal or the call connects (although that is not happening at all since the latest update)

4. There is a button on the phone that says "forward all". That gives you the option to enter the number you wish to forward to. Once you have entered the required number of digits (8-1-XXX-XXX-XXXX) the number is set as the forwarded phone number. 

5. My IT department has given me a new phone, set, and reset the CISCO phone numerous times. It is definitely not that phone. My wife has an S7 on my Sprint plan. I can forward calls to her phone with no problems. I can forward calls to my landline with no problems. The problem is not the Sprint Network, nor is it the Cisco phone system and it can't be Xfinity because that is what my landline is on. I'm at a loss. It has to be something with the Note 5. I've taken it into a Sprint store and they had no clue where to start. I will take it to a Best Buy here in a couple of days to see if the Samsung experience people can help. 

I am just posting here as a shot in the dark, so I appreciate any help at all.




Thanks for the details. Let's take a closer look at your line. Please check your inbox and reply to the private message that I just sent you.

Sprint Social Care
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