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How can I view Picture messages online


How can I view Picture messages online

I need to view my picture messages online or my log is there anyway? 


Hi  NathanKrueger1, you can get your billed text message usage details for the last 90 days on (You will not be able to see pictures but you can get the text messages details)

Just follow the steps below:

  1. Go to and sign-in to your account.
  2. Click Calls/Texts.
  3. If you're on a smartphone or tablet, you may need to tap Summary and then tap Calls/Texts.
  4. Choose the phone number and usage type (voice or text) from the dropdown menus to display your usage.
  5. Tap the Load 50 More link to get more details; if needed, repeat until your 90 day limit is displayed.
  6. Click the Download Call Detail link on the right side of the screen; your details will automatically be dropped into a spreadsheet.
  7. Note: You'll need to use a computer to download the spreadsheet. You won't be able to download the spreadsheet on most smartphones and tablets.
  8. Save and print your text details.

For more information @

Sprint Social Care Team.
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