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Note 5 DSU w/Discontinued Service


Note 5 DSU w/Discontinued Service

Alright, welp.  Need help.  So had a fiasco with Customer Service today and now I need this issue resolved.


Long story short, in order to get my Note 5 unlocked I had to cancel my service and pay my final bill, despite owning the phone outright.  Anyway, apparently it didn't take or something because I'm still getting "invalid sim card" with my new T-Mobile card.  I've seen others get this resolved through the community and so I am here asking for aid.  Not having a phone is not really an option for me, which is why I left Sprint to begin with, service in my home area after I moved was unacceptable.


Will I need the T-Mobile or Sprint Sim Card in the phone to get the unlock to update on the phone?



tiddlydinks, thank you so much for contacting us. Unlocking a device will not necessarily make a device interoperable with another carrier's network, I'd like to check the status of your phone to find out why this is happening. Please respond to the private message I sent you so that we can get started.

Sprint Social Care Team.
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