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Note 5 Play Store Problems and Gmail sync


Note 5 Play Store Problems and Gmail sync

Anyone else having an issue where you can't download any files larger then 10mb from the the play store using mobile data? When I try the download always fails, and I get error codes  425 905 927. Downloading via wi-fi works just fine. I also had a problem with gmail not syncing. I'm trying to determine how wide spread this problem is

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Re: Note 5 Play Store Problems and Gmail sync

We are not able to duplicate and I would like to gather some more information on the problem you are reporting.

  • Are you able to surf the web with out Wi-Fi on?
  • Are you redownloading apps that were on your previous phone or new apps or happens with both?
  • Would you switch the phone to 3G and see if you are able to download from Play Store that way?



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Re: Note 5 Play Store Problems and Gmail sync

I am having connectivity issues as well. I went to a sprint repair center Saturday ( September 5 2015). Web pages wouldn't load or real sluggish, play music too forever to load song, play store issues, etc. Wifi worked fine though. I was told it was a known LTE issue that is being worked on. They felt as though a patch should have already arrived, but they don't know when. They set my phone to CDMA (3g) in the network settings to get me through until update / patch arrives.

Hope this helps. I guess I expected a bug or two, but it is still frustrating. Can the sprint moderators give a hint on a time of the update?

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