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Note5 device encryption bug on software "OK3"


Note5 device encryption bug on software "OK3"

My device is encrypted and when you reboot your device, you have to unlock your device using a password.  Since the OK3 software update, the device no longer needs "decryption" upon boot and is not requiring a password.  Unless this was part of the update, and should have been CLEARLY stated, this has to be an error in the latest software and if true is a serious bug.  I've wiped caches, etc. I have not completed a factory reset.  Please test this on your Sprint devices (at Sprint) and confirm this behavior.  This indicates to me that the device is not encrypted properly anymore despite the menu saying "encrypted".  This device is completely stock.


Re: Note5 device encryption bug on software "OK3"

I do not understand this i know that lollipop update number ______ came with a factory reset password protection any other info on the issue would be great

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