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Online phone cost


Online phone cost

Long time Sprint Customer - misled about the true cost of a new phone online. I have been a loyal Sprint Customer since 2001 (over the years) and I have never had any billing issues, i paid my billed on time(Automatic payment) until now.I purchaes a Galaxy note 5 (04/10/17) on line it clearly stated the cost of the phone was $249.99 for 24 month contract with no additional charges. however to my surprised when i received my first billed there was an adiitional $25.00 Subsidized Phone Charge for the next 24months thats eqaul to $600.00. If i new that from the begining i wouldnt have brought this old phone for that much when i could have gotten a brand new S8 for a lower price. I deffinately think that should have brought to my attention from the begining and by the time i got the billed my 14days had expired. for the past 2 month i called went to the stores and no one even attempt to assist me nothing but excuses.I am very dissatisfied with this whole situation since I this phone. It makes me question my loyalty to this company for so long,as of now im looking at other providers since i can,t trust whats in your website.

Sprint Employee


Hello there! Thank you for bringing this situation to our attention. If your username is the same as your phone number, we recommend you to please delete it since this is considered as personal and security information from our customers.


I will be more than glad to verify the options available regarding the billing issue you're actually having. I've sent you a private message, please check your inbox.

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