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Samsung Note 5 software update - version N920PVPU2AOJ6


Samsung Note 5 software update - version N920PVPU2AOJ6

Samsung Note 5 software update - version N920PVPU2AOJ6


  • Additional brand support
  • Google Security Patches
  • Android for Work
  • Gear VR Support

Important Info:

  • Phased roll-out of the update starts on 10/31/15 and will be completed by 11/15/15
  • Keep in mind devices receive the update in phases each day. Customer Care cannot tell users when they will exactly get the update.  Please do not call asking.  Thanks
  • For additional information, check out the software update article in Support

This has been a very good firmware.  Must have been a radio tweak in there too because I'm cycling off/on to WiFi/Network a lot faster than before without the jittery connections between access points at work.  My WiFi calling connection has been solid.  I'm also picking up LTE in more places than before as well. Battery seems to be a bit better as well.  Keep up the good work, this Note is such a great device.


My phones battery dies so fast it's not even funny... after doing some research my phone no longer can go into deep sleep when the screen is off so it literally acts like the screen is on all the time keeping it "awake" causing the processor to stay in the upper frequences causing my battery to drop exponentually. After 5 hours my phone was at 65% when before it was at 90% after 7 hours on OI6

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