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Sim card in Note 5?

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Sim card in Note 5?

Does the note 5 come with a sim slot where we can put a sim card if we're overseas?

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Re: Sim card in Note 5?

As far as I know, there's only the one SIM slot on the Note 5. You can enable the Note 5 for international usage with Sprint, though. You may be able to find some more info here: FrustratedPT:INTL#!/

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Re: Sim card in Note 5?

Correct! The Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has one SIM slot. It is un-lockable for international travel (follow info and details in the link above). But you don't necessarily have to unlock your Note 5 when you travel abroad. Sprint has recently announced free voice, text and data options for many countries, and low cost options for many others.

Read more here:

Sprint Launches Free Unlimited International Roaming, Unlimited Texting and 20 Cents per Minute for ...

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