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2/27 - Samsung Galaxy S III Software Update - Android 4.1.2 (L710VPBMB1)


Re: 2/27 - Samsung Galaxy S III Software Update - Android 4.1.2 (L710VPBMB1)

So I just got this update a minute ago, performed the update, and low and behold I'm still running on Android 4.1.1. What gives? This OTA crap is why I normally use Cyanogenmod.


Re: 2/27 - Samsung Galaxy S III Software Update - L710VPMB1

no I have 4.1.2 and its their multi window


Re: 2/27 - Samsung Galaxy S III Software Update - L710VPBMB1

THANK YOU! This keyboard problem has been driving me NUTS!


Re: 2/27 - Samsung Galaxy S III Software Update - L710VPBMB1

Yea and I agree this whole resetting of an entire device is a ridiculous request. To act like it's not is just shortsided. Could you imagine if everytime Microsoft pushed out an update to Windows 7, 8 etc. that they would require people to effectively reformat their hard drives? How long do you think people would put up with that?

These smart phones are getting to a point where important information and daily use information is being held on them so to request folks reset to factory settings should be the VERY last request for when there is no other option left. The task of backing up information within apps can be pretty daunting and while some apps have made the ability easy, others have not.

I wish I could say I'm one of the casual users of my smart phone that could reset to factory with little to no problems relating to information stored on my phone, but I cannot. I'm a power user with lots of information in many apps that will take hours of work to backup and re-organize, and I still will end up losing information. It is a shame these things just can't be more robust so that updates don't negatively impact them so greatly.

My 2 cents.


Re: 2/27 - Samsung Galaxy S III Software Update - L710VPBMB1

Here is an interesting description, in fact the only one I've seen on

Enhanced User Experience

New features available with the update are optimized for a 10.1" screen.

  • Internet: Slide your thumb from the left or right edge to zoom in and out.

Of course, I take issue with the writing of the description.I would write, Slide your finger along the left, or right edge, slide up to zoom in, down to zoom out.

What is peculiar is that this is on a Tablet, where One Handed use is hardly an issue.

Here is another interesting link pertaining to Google Maps as many have discovered by happenstance:

Google Maps v6.12.0

What's in this version:

* Single-handed zoom; double tap, then hold down your finger and slide to zoom.

I like the fact they clearly identify the fact this feature is about "Single Handed" phone use, which is why I find Pinch to be a less than ideal feature for reading email, and as previously stated, double tap is too inexact.

So make standard the Maps method: double tap, then hold down your finger and slide to zoom.

Can I get your support?


Re: 2/27 - Samsung Galaxy S III Software Update - L710VPBMB1

It is not a matter of "judging"

It is a simple matter of the definition of Selfish.

Selfish: "I don't like the feature, so I am happy that it was removed, regardless of what anyone else thinks of it."

Selfish: "I don't even bother to read the fact you are not demanding it be restored, all you are asking is for Samsung to add a Toggle/Setting to restore it for some."

btw: when someone accuses someone else of "judging" that is typically akin to intentionally talking with a lisp, so to identify oneself as a fag.


Re: 2/27 - Samsung Galaxy S III Software Update - L710VPBMB1


while I whole heartedly agree with you that the personal attacks are out of line and unproductive, I find it strange that all of these legitimate complaints go ignored by Sprint yet Sprint employees, as you have proven by commenting, are clearly aware of these issues.  this leads me to believe that while Sprint is happy to moderate its customer's venting, it is content to let issues persist. 

would it be possible to get a Sprint employees to provide a substantive and constructive response to something other that the tone of the customer's complaint?

I thank you in advance for your assistance in this matter.



Sprint customer for over 15 years.


Re: 2/27 - Samsung Galaxy S III Software Update - L710VPBMB1

says the one judging them for NOT liking it lol

GalSII wrote:

I  like  the  slide zoom.

I  did not ask you,  nor anyone else to like it.

All I  ask is that  you agree that since stone like it,  that Samsung  add a  setting  to  enable  it.

Can you at  least support a  fellow  user in this,  rather than simply state, I  didn't like  it  so  who cares?

or  are  you  just  too  selfish for that?


Re: 2/27 - Samsung Galaxy S III Software Update - L710VPBMB1

I don't use Gmail, but have an account to be able to use playstore. It is upto date, but I just tried slide zoming and actually I can't get the few messages I have in my inbox, mostly from playstore, to zoom no matter what I try, Double Tap, Slide, Pinch. Nothing works.

I use the stock email client for Microsoft Exchange Activesynch, and slide, double tap, and pinch all work there.

I use the stock Browser and Dolphin and again, slide, double tap and pinch work in both browsers. Note: with Dolphin you must download the Desktop Toggle ad-on for pages that force you to Mobile mode, which cannot be zoomed, and which I generally despise.

I tried Chrome and Slide does not work there.

I don't like the double tap zoom because it is not "granual" enough, i.e. you can't zoom just a little, it is a preset that I don;t find all that useful.

But we do now have another name for a zoom and possibly the name for the Slide Zoom.

I do use the Double Tap zoom Maps which is a great feature. But technically, it is Double Tap Slide Zoom. And so the other zoom, in email and browsers should probably be called Edge Slide Zoom or Screen Edge Slide Zoom as I've seen elsewhere.

If they want to change Edge Slide Zoom to Double Tap Slide Zoom, I'd find that perfectly acceptable. The truth is, it is a bit amateurish and inconsistent to have different means of zooming in different places, on different phones in different apps. 

BTW: The Double Tap Slide Zoom in Maps is not limited to your description, i.e. diagonally. You can actually Dougble Tap, i.e., Tap, release, Tap again and without lifting your finger, Slide in any upward direction, i.e., at practically any angle to Zoom in, or slide downward at almost any angle to Zoom out.

Ok Samsung, (and Sprint, since I assume Samsung is going to listen to you long before they listen to me) tell Samsung:

1. Listen to customers fully. Neither you nor Sprint have answered whether you inadvertantly or intentionally removed the Edge Slide Zoom from the S3, or whether you intentionally or inadvertantly DIDN'T remove the Edge Slide Zoom from the Note II.

2. Be Consistent with Zoom across Apps, (as stated, Maps has a variation of Slide Zoom, Douible Tap Slide Zoom - while browser and email have Edge Slide Zoom) and while you are at it, be consistent among Phones. The S3 now no longer has Edge Slide Zoom while the Note II still does.

3. If you don't want to listen to ALL customers, rather only some, which we assume is why you "whacked" Edge Slide Zoom from the S3, but not from the Note II, despite the fact some customers like it on the S3, and so presumably ALL customers like it on the Noite II, or surely you would have removed it, then at least add the Double Tap Slide Zoom to the Browser and EMail for the S3 and Note II.

And while you are at it, add it to Gallery.

There. Do we have a Solution?

Can someone from Sprint please get us some answers?


Re: 2/27 - Samsung Galaxy S III Software Update - L710VPBMB1


From what I can tell from my "LJ7" version of the S3, the only apps that use the "slide zoom feature" are Gmail, and the Web browser.  I know the slide zoom was added only recently to an update to Gmail.  I alternately use Dolphin, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.  None of them seem to have this feature, only the stock "Web" app does.   Therefore, I suspect that what you want is the original version of the Web app (i.e. the stock browser).

Perhaps you can sideload an older version of the Web browser app, thereby restoring the slide zoom that you are missing so dearly.  This may be difficult to do, since it's a built-in app (not installed via the Google Play Store).  But maybe it's worth pursuing. 

If you see the slide zoom capability in other apps, please feel free to correct me.

BTW, as I mentioned in an earlier post, another handy zoom feature is the "double tap and drag" in Google Maps.  i.e. Double-tap and hold your thumb down, then drag it up to zoom in, or down to zoom out.  This makes zooming easy in the Maps app during one-handed use. I wish other apps would also adopt this behavior.

- Z