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7/26 - Samsung Galaxy SIII Software Update - L710VPLG8

Re: 7/26 - Samsung Galaxy SIII Software Update - L710VPLG8

Battery life was my concern before updating but now that it's done I haven't notice any more battery drain, in fact it seems better. Its still early so I'm going to be monitoring it. The biggest battery drain on this phone seems to be the radios and the continual searching so when I updated the first thing I did was a PRL then Profile update. Maybe that's what did it. Hope this helps, Rick


Re: 7/26 - Samsung Galaxy SIII Software Update - L710VPLG8

My GS3 worked great until the LG8 update now when I'm  in my home where I had 4 bars on 3G, I am consistantly going into roaming. Text, data and phone spotty at best.  Sprint said there's nothing they can do until the LTE is in place.  I've been a customer for 12 years and they couldn't care less.  Seriously considering taking my business along with the rest of my family (approx $1000) a month total somewhere else.  Sprint has gone downhill in the last year.  They better start caring about their customers!

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