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Android 4.3 Jelly Bean Update = No Service for Me


Android 4.3 Jelly Bean Update = No Service for Me

So I did the update when it came through for me, sometime around December. It was great. I got 4G, my phone was so much faster. It was awesome.

And then last week happened. I have gone almost a week now with almost non-existent cell coverage. No calls, no texts. I can access WiFi for the most part, except last night and this morning. I had to reboot my phone this morning, as well, to play downloaded music. I've gone in the store. The techs said it was a Samsung issue. Ok. They wanted to do a hard reset on my phone, so one of the other customers in the store with me that morning with the same issue, let his be the test. It didn't work. So I opted not to do it. Most of the people in the store that morning were there for the same problem and there were probably about 20 of us at least.

I had no service for three days and then it looked like we were back in business. And then it crashed again. I've had no cell service now for another 3 days. I called (from the land line at work, because I have no phone!) and spoke with the representative yesterday. She was really nice, but had no clue what the problem was. Saw that there was a reported issue for my area and noted that "they" were working on it. No time estimate, nothing.

Woke up this morning to no cell service AND no WiFi, which I had noticed started last night. Sent a message through the chat function on Sprint. Nothing. Blank screen. I have voicemail that won't download. I have a life I need to conduct and I can't because I have no phone. And no information regarding what is going on.

Oh! AND, this past week I got a notice from Sprint that they will be now charging $25 if I exceed 2 visits to the techs with phone issues per year. Great. I really need some answers. I need to know why I am paying for a service that I'm not getting and what is going on with my phone. I've been seriously looking at other cell providers today because I am so frustrated with this situation and lack of cell/support service. I attached a screenshot of my phone this morning with no WiFi/no service connections.


What crap. You got charged because if Sprints ineptness? How bout Sprint prorates your account for the days they decided to work on their towers and you didn't get service. I do you think that in the contract it says that you pay for services rendered. IF no services are rendered, do you have to pay? How irritating. Do they not know that there are other companies that are kicking their ass when it comes to customer service and that long term it is THE service that keeps people coming back. I want to see a email from somebody at Sprint that says THEY CARE , and instead of saying thank you for being patient or the proverbial "we understand", and take the time, NO MATTER how much TIME IT TAKES, to correct THEIR customers (your) issues.



Thanks for posting. Rest assured we're dedicated to resolving any issues that may arise. As for providing adjustments, we're happy to discuss any warranted adjustments offline. When customer face outages, adjustment are discussed once the issues has been resolved. Are there any specific concerns that you're facing that you'd like us to address?

Thank You,

DePaul W.

Sprint Social Care Team 

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