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Calling Internationally


Calling Internationally

I will be traveling to Germany this summer for a few weeks. What are my options ? My belief is that the S3 is not enabled to used internationally.


Re: Calling Internationally


Thanks for posting on Sprint Community. We're happy that you're planning ahead for your upcoming trip to Germany. The international roaming rate for Germany, according to, is:

Voice Pricing: $1.99/minute

Special Voice Pricing: $1.49/min. with SWW Voice add-on

Data Pricing: $0.019/KB

Special Data Pricing: International Data Pack Add-on

Text Pricing: Send: $0.50/recipient; Received: $0.05/msg

To take advantage of special pricing, our Sprint World Wide team must enable the international add-ons prior to your trip abroad. They are available directly at 888 226 7212.

Safe travels.

Ruth E

Social Care Team


Re: Calling Internationally

My question is this what are my phone options as I have a Galaxy S3. Unless I am able to use this one overseas.


Re: Calling Internationally


Thank you for responding, apparently the provider available in Germany runs off a GSM network. Our version of the S3 is CDMA only, here's the list of the worldwide devices we offer:

iPhone 5

iPhone 4S

Samsung Galaxy Note II

Motorola Photon Q

Blackberry Bold 9930

Motorola ES400S


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