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Code:98 Wrong Destination


Code:98 Wrong Destination

I haven't been able to send or recieve a text message since 10 Sep 2012, whenever I try to send a text it tells me "failed" and then I get the prompt "Code:98 Wrong Destination"

- Called tech support spent an hour on the phone, went through all the steps, he couldn't help me

- Did all the updates

-Did factory reset

-Tried different messaging app


for some reason, I can text a picture, but no plain text messages.

What does this code mean?

Is anybody else having this issue?

Why did this happen for seemingly no reason?

How do I fix this without having to go to my local, crowded, slow, understaffed service center where I will either have to a) watch them repeat every step I just mentioned b)defend myself against allegations that I've done something or c) have to get a new phone and spend all weekend putting it back the way I had it.

I use my phone (and its messaging features) for work and this is VERY frustrating.


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