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Contact Join/Merge Limit of 5?


Contact Join/Merge Limit of 5?

Anybody know how to get around this merging of contacts limit?  It really sucks if you're mergining contacts from Gmail, G+, Facebook, Linked, and others.  Why is there even a limit?

If anybody knows a solution without rooting please let me know.



Re: Contact Join/Merge Limit of 5?

Sorry for the inconvenience. I checked  info in Google and Android forums, here is what I found:-

“The current availability of joining contacts has a limit of 5.So if you are using Facebook (internal program of Samsung Galaxy S) and Facebook for android, Skype, whatsapp and twitter and a contact have all of these. You'll end up with 2 of the same contacts in your address book. It would be nice if this can be scaled to a higher number. I'll see a future of LinkedIn joining the contacts as well. So a 10 or higher would fit (for now).”


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