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Does Samsung Galaxy S III Come w/ FM Radio


Does Samsung Galaxy S III Come w/ FM Radio

Does anyone know if the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S III has a FM Radio on it?

I know for sure the European version of the Samsung Galaxy S III comes with FM Radio on it that does not require streaming.

The information below is from the Samsung Galaxy S III European Manual.88

FM Radio

Learn to listen to music and news on the FM radio. To listen

to the FM radio, you must connect a headset, which serves as

the radio antenna.

››Listen to the FM radio

1 Plug a headset into your device.

2 In the application list, select FM Radio.

The FM radio scans and saves available stations

  1. automatically.

The first time you turn on the FM radio, it will start

automatic tuning.

3 Select a radio station.


4 Control the FM radio with the following keys:

Number Function

1 Record a song from the FM radio.

2 Turn on or off the FM radio.

3 Search for an available radio station.


Re: Does Samsung Galaxy S III Come w/ FM Radio

I checked Samsung User Guide in detail and couldn’t able to find any info on FM Radio. I also did Live Chat with Samsung Rep and they also re-confirmed that SPH-L710 Samsung Galaxy S III doesn't have FM radio.If available, you can download FM radio applications from Android market.



Re: Does Samsung Galaxy S III Come w/ FM Radio

Thanks Abe.  It's sad that the U.S. version of the Samsung Galaxy S III was stripped down for the European version, I was looking forward to the FM Radio so I would not need to continue to stream TuneIn Radio and have a longer battery life.



Re: Does Samsung Galaxy S III Come w/ FM Radio

I got this response from Samsung Technical Support this morning.

Dear Bill,

Thank you for your inquiry. We understand that your asking if the Samsung Galaxy S3 U.S. has an FM radio.

Samsung Galaxy S III that is made for US market doesn't have a radio.

All Samsung products are manufactured to the specifications of the service provider for whom they are produced.

We appreciate hearing from our customers, as your comments are vital for us to continue improving our products, as well as our business.

We appreciate your patronage here at Samsung Telecommunications and we strive for the best in customer satisfaction.

Thank you for your continued interest in Samsung products.


Technical Support


Re: Does Samsung Galaxy S III Come w/ FM Radio

No you can't "download FM radio applications from Android market".  That would imply the FM tuner is still enabled and you just need software to use it.  You can download internet streaming applications that might carry the same broadcast as a given FM station, but that is a very different thing.

I am tired of Sprint disabling functionality in their chipsets.  Why is Sprint afraid of FM radio?  You really think we are going to instead pay for Sprint Music?  Makes me angry - if this can be fixed by ROM I am all in to flash to something that re-enables the radio.


Re: Does Samsung Galaxy S III Come w/ FM Radio

It is curious that Sprint didn't disable the FM radio in the HTC Evo. I was in the store checking out the SIII and the Evo today and found the Evo FM Tuner worked nice. It is too bad the SIII doesn't have the tuner. I am starting to think NAB and HD Radio push for mobile phones include FM/HDradio tuners is a good idea. It would provide a great addition to the feature set to services for when good cell coverage isn't available. This is similar to the need for downloaded maps that the GPS can navigate through when cell signal drops but the GPS satelite coverage is available. Taking it a step further a builtin SiriusXM tuner option would be interesting too for thought with a subscription and an digital TV tuner. Ok those would be cool features but unlikely since the mobile carriers want you to use their bandwidth. Oh, wait with Sprint that doesn't matter with the unlimited bandwidth which means it should be an incentitve for them to have and FM tuner, download (cache trip maps for GPS navigation), and kick in the digital TV and SiriusXM tuners. One can hope Sprint management reads these forums and reconsiders decissions on future products. </RantRamble>


Re: Does Samsung Galaxy S III Come w/ FM Radio

With so many commercial free options available for music, why would you need an FM tuner? Upload 20,000 of you favorite songs to Google and listen anytime with My Music! And it's FREE!!


Re: Does Samsung Galaxy S III Come w/ FM Radio

Why? Because some of us like live content. It is not just about music on FM radio but news, sports, quality programming with professionals introducing you new music and much more. In the case of a weather distaster radio is still number one for easy fast information. There are many reasons for radio where downloaded content still isn't the answer. Additionally as I said for when cell coverage is not available. There are still many areas that cell coverage is spotty to nonexistant and most likely will be for a long time because it does pay to put towers and infrastructure where there is a small population.


Re: Does Samsung Galaxy S III Come w/ FM Radio

Sprint did not disable the FM radio.  The FM radio is inactive in ALL of the US varients of the S3.  Apparently the FM hardware is present.  Developers over at the XDA Developers website are working on enabling the FM radio in the S3.


Re: Does Samsung Galaxy S III Come w/ FM Radio

That is great to hear. Hope they are able to get it working.

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