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Easter Egg on Samsung GS3?


Easter Egg on Samsung GS3?

Inadvertantly found this and I didn't see it posted anywhere else.  Anybody else seen this or any others on the GS3?

Go to 'Settings', 'About Device', Click 'Android Version' multiple times quickly.  A little droid pops up with a version bubble below him.  I tried to do a palm swipe picture and it then turned into multiple swimming droids that change direction when you tilt the phone.  Silly mindless fun.

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Re: Easter Egg on Samsung GS3?

Certainly good fun. Many phones have this type of About option, although not all.


Re: Easter Egg on Samsung GS3?

That's funny!  I just did it on my GS3 (I have Jelly Bean) & after tapping on the Android Version 5 times VERY quickly, a picture of a red smiling jelly bean came up, complete with antenna!

But what's REALLY cool, is after the jelly bean picture comes up, you place your finger on his left eye, & drag across his right eye to the right side of your screen, little floating jelly beans come up moving around, like they're floating in space.  You can then drag & throw them around the screen!  Once you've gotten all the jelly beans off your screen, just rotate the screen horizontally, then back vertically & more beans appear to do it all over again.  It's a good time waster, I guess, but cool nonetheless!

Nice Easter Egg!

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