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Galaxy S2 problems


Galaxy S2 problems

I have two Galaxy S2's and they are the worst phones I have ever had - and my first phone was a lunchbox about the year 2000.  Randomly both phones will individually suddenly go direct to voice mail, or to silent, or to greatly reduced ring volume.  This morning following the usual overnight charging, one was direct to voice mail, and one was on silent.  When I took it off of silent I noticed  ring volume was also minimum. Neither touched overnight and this happens at least every other day.  We are in an extended medical semi emergency and need the phones. We have to check and correct constantly.  Trash as far as I am concerned.

Interested in Sprint's answer. 

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Re: Galaxy S2 problems


Thank you for reaching out to us! I am sorry for the delayed response. That definitely doesn’t sound right. Does this only happen during charging? Or does this go on throughout the day? Also, have you taken the devices into one of our Sprint service centers? Please let us know. We are here to help.


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