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Galaxy SIII Complete Accessory List Community


Galaxy SIII Complete Accessory List Community

Hello everyone, I am sure alot of you have already started looking for cases and accessories for your GSIII.  So I have put together a growing accessories page so we can all help each other out.  Besides your suggestion of accessories, it may include apps you recommend from the Google Play Store (formally known as the Android Store) or third party sites.  For every idea or item posted please include the link and why you think it is awesome. I will then add it to the list. Please "Like" this if it was useful to you so this post may stay up on the discussion board.

Please watch the video above till the end to see all the possible things you can do with your Galaxy S3.  You may skip to the parts that interest you by choosing the corresponding time lapse.    <------ this is the original source link

This review was done by NZtechfreak from the "Ideas" category lists the things he reviewed on the youtube video.

Ideas: involving accessories.  Must use the 4 items together to accomplish what NZtechfreak did.

Samsung MHL adapter   turns tv into netflix viewer, full internet browser, or game monitor using GSIII. Has issues with tv lower than 1080p resolution. model#: EPL-3FHUBEGSTD

usb on the go                90 degree angle micro-usb to female usb adapter

i-rocks                          usb hub (need it to hookup wirless keyboard bluetooth dongle, external usb drive of movies, and power for Samsung MHL adapter) ties everything together basically

Logitech K400               wirless keyboard with touchpad needed for internet browsing.

NFC Kit                                               To fully understand NFC tags please visit **Dravas discussion on the first link below***.

Samsung TecTile                                 Oem customizable NFC tags

Micro USB Cables                                  Micro B-Type usb for data transfer or charging phone 3ft or 6ft links listed below thanks to Dravas

Monster Highspeed Micro USB             Monster highspeed micro usb cable for super quick data transfer

Blackberry Bluetooth Stereo Gateway   Stream music to any non-bluetooth stereo system like your car, or hometheater system model#: ASY16130001***0/ref=sr_1_1?s=wireless...

Logitech Bluetooth Audio Device          Stream music to any non-bluetooth audio device model#: 980-000540

Gametel                                             Pocketable bluetooth gaming controller

Galaxy SIII C-Pen                               Stylus made specifically for GSIII

Galaxy AllShare Cast Dongle              Used to wirlessly mirror everything on phone to hdtv.

iHome iHM60LT                                 Rechargable portable speakers

sCharger-5                                         Best solar powered usb charger in the industry (the size of a CD case) larger sCharger-12 also available

Car Charger:

Samsung Infuse 4G Vehicle Navigation Mount (Verified to work with Galaxy S3 thanks to Dravas, best mount out there to date)

~Why it is the best:  Audio runs through the micro usb port on the dock with an aux audio out to car stereo 3.5mm jack or aux jack)

~This means you can charge your phone while playing audio without running an audio cord on the opposite end [top of phone]

     ***What is left to be verified is if there are any phone cases that will work with this dock.

Memory Cards: Out of all the microSD cards available, the brand SanDisk is the most reliable. Fastest=Class(10 , Slowest=Class(4

As stated by Meiyi:  **Be sure to format UHS-I microSD into exFat format** Your phone auto-formats first time use of microSD cards.

SanDisk Mobile Ultra 16GB               UHS-I Class (10 microSD

SanDisk Mobile Ultra 32GB               UHS-I Class (10 microSD

SanDisk Mobile Ultra 64GB              UHS-I Class (10 microSD


Tips and Tricks: (Thanks to Lennyuk from xda-developers and GalaxyS2Tips on Youtube)

Color Saturation (stops screen from looking too blue)  <~~~~~My favorite

Settings > Display > Screen Mode > Choose either (Dynamic, Standard, Natural, or Movie)

Stop dimming during video/internet viewing

In video player: Menu > scroll down > Settings > Video Brightness > Uncheck “automatic brightness”

Repeat this while using internet browser

Speed Up Transitions (helps switch screen faster) *****

Settings Menu > Developers Options > Window animation Scale > Adjust to .05)

Settings Menu > Developers Options > Transition animation > Adjust to .05)

Home Button Lag Fix (if you never plan on using S-Voice) ****

Launch S Voice > Menu Button > Settings > un-check Launch S Voice box

Activate Voice Commands

Settings > Language and input > Voice cmd for apps “on” > tap left for more info

Turn off soft key light (the return/menu button illumination) ***

System Settings > Display > Touch Key Light Duration > Off

Enable Smart Stay (eye indicator shows it’s working, will not stay on forever) **

Menu > Settings > Display > Smart Stay

Quick Controls (used while browsing internet)

Menu Button > Settings > Labs > Quick Control box

Screen Capture (without palm motion)

Home key + Power key **at same time

Enable motion features (Direct Call and Smart Alert)

Menu > Settings > Motion > Select features you want to use

Change lockscreen options

Menu > Security > Lock Screen Options > tap shortcuts writing(not the toggle) > change shortcuts

Adjust Lock Screen Settings *

Menu > Settings > Lock Screen Options

            (Change shortcuts icons select “Shortcuts”)

(Use S-voice to unlock phone select “Wake up in Samsung Unlock”)

Create own vibrate pattern

Menu > Settings > Sound > Device Vibration > Create > tap pattern you want > Save

Messaging/texting on Keyboard (change to handwriting mode)

Long press the gear icon > Pen Icon

Turning on Swype Keyboard (swypes in certain apps/txt boxes)

Menu > Settings > Language and Input > Settings icon (cog) next to keyboard > Continuous Input

Stop shortcuts from being created on homescreen for every app installed

While in Play Store: Settings > Options > Disable creation of shortcuts.

Louder Ring Volume for calls

Go to Phone app > Menu > Additional Settings > scroll to bottom > Set preferred incall Eq

Alphabetical Sorting of Apps in Drawer

Open apps drawer > Menu > View type > Alphabetical Grid

Turn on Battery % Indicator

Menu > Settings > Display > Display Battery %

Change “Hands of my Phone” words on lock screen

Settings > Security > Owner Information > now you can change words on lock screen

Search Device

Hold Menu button (left of Home button)

Task Manager

Hold Home button

Advanced Calculator

Turn phone sideways

Notification Bar (in any full screen app)

Swipe down from top edge of app > Once bar appears > Swipe down again to open notifications

Source: Original creater Lennyuk from forum

Credit: Dravas for bringing Lennyuks work to Sprint

Battery Saving:  (thanks to Dravas post)


Samsung OEM          Original equipment from Samsung for Spare use

Anker Astro 5600mAh  External battery pack (option 2 coming soon...anker extended battery; replaces oem battery keeps oem phone cover) 

Anker Astro2 8400mAh  External Battery pack with two usb ports Use promo code"46ARMGNO" to save $10 on Anker Astro2 +$5 if Astro5600mAh is added.

Trent iMirror 6000mAh Portable battery cellphone charger that can be recharged via usb cord for convenience.

Screen Protectors:

Steinheil Ultra Crystal      (Anti-UV protection) keeps white GS3 from turning yellow over time, No rainbowing effect compared to matte finish screens, no waviness unlike liquid based install screen

BodyGuardz                   (most complete edge to edge screen protection without use of liquid spray application)

Ringo Screen Protector   (One of the best non-edge lifting screens protectors. (x2) comes in a box please follow Meiyi's post below for full review)


IVONA (Amy UK English beta) free text to speech for google navigation and other apps. Replaces the robotic voice on all apps to sexy more natural British womans voice.

Pandora    free

Netflix       if you already have an account then its free on your phone

ooVoo       video call or conference your friends

Cordy        free/paid fun 3D platform game almost like sonic

QuickPic   lets you set a full screen wallpaper that pans left and right


Materials to consider when purchasing a case

Mt ~    Metal---------The hardest most rigid type of cover with the least amount of shock absorption, phone reception may be affected

PC ~   Polycarbonate--------Typically the hard shell plastic case.  Not flexible but most protective while allowing better phone reception. 

TPU ~ Thermalplastic Polyurethane-----See-through or colored and flexible. Not as grippy or rubbery as silicone types of cases. Good shock absorption stretch resistant

Si ~    Silicon Gel---------The best shock obsorption of all cases. Lint magnet, grippy harder to slide in pocket, very stretchy may loosen hold on phone with time.

Vi ~    Vinyl ---------- The most flexible in creativity, choice of texture, color, or picture image for skin. Least protective on falls, recommend clear TPU case to cover vinyl skin.

Le ~    Leather-----------least likely to scuff up, feels the most natural in hand, some may not completely protect the edges of a phone.

FxLe ~  Faux Leather------------Has the natural feel and durability of leather yet less expensive.  


Otterbox Commuter Case        Both PC+Si Usually the best comprise between the most protection while keeping it slim

Otterbox Defender Case          Both PC+Si case The most protective cover you can get for the GSIII (beware it is a little thick)

Case~Mate                            Both PC+Si Design is like the Otterbox Commuter Case but has better grip on sides

Trexcell                                  TPU coming soon... case with extended battery built in.

Diztronic Cases                      TPU quite possibly the best tpu cases you can buy in matte finish (ultra slim) feels good to hold

Amzer                                    TPU case

Ballistic                                  Both PC+Si

Seido                                      PC+Si+TPU

Samsung Mesh Vent Case      TPU Mesh for cooler running phone for heavy users, coin slot to use as a kickstand (thanks Phasel151)

Skinit                                     Vi  Least protection.Full body stick on vinyl skins. You create from pictures on you computer or by selecting pre-made ones,               would recommend using a clear TPU gel case with it to give better protection against falls.

Skinomi                                 Vi  Thicker and better skin protection than Skinit however not nearly as creative and colorful, may require either a clear case or bumper.

Gimmick5                               Mt  Bumper covers outer edges of phone (Recommend you use it together with Skinit or Skinomi textured vinyl skin)

Aluminum Bumper                   Mt  Only protects the edges of the phone. (Recommend you use it together with Skinit or Skinomi to protect back cover).

TPU Bumper Case                    TPU Alternative to metal bumper case... still needs vinyl to protect back cover.

Tridea Bumper Case                TPU Still leaves back cover unprotected (vinyl recommended for cover)

Tridea Beetle Case                   TPU Color looking two tone bumper case, cover exposed

Clear Case                               TPU Gel    Clear case to allow others to see any creative work you have done on your phones exterior.

Incipio                                      PC+Si alternative to otterbox and ballistic cases

CruzerLite TPU Cases               TPU (thanks to Meiyi's post) Use "BUY2GONE" code during checkout for the buy 2 get 1 free promo.

iTALKonline SoftSkin 10 pack     Si  (Next 4 cases posted by Chappay, thanks for the find)

iTALKonline Exec. Wallet Case   FxLe For the executive man/woman business look.

SPIGEN SGP Case Folio           FxLe Business casual look phone case

IDS Luxury Blue Wallet Case     Le    Cool blue leather case with credit card holder.

Tridea Flip Case                        FxLe Sheepskin leather feel flip case with card holder




Full credit for this video goes to Ava from ( you can thank her for such an awesome review by clicking this link directly to her youtube page and subscribing.

I re-posted this video she made for those that are still on the fence about the Galaxy S3 or the HTC Evo Lte, "Sprint version of the One X."


So far we have a good start on case and accessories. It would be awesome if anyone had ideas for great Apps to download for our new Galaxy S3.  The Apps can be games or useful widgets and programs.  Please make sure to add whether it is free and where it came from.  This could be from the Google Play Store or any third party websites (ex:

Dravas and Meiyi in the Sprint forums have contributed alot to this growing accessories page. Feedback on what you want to see added to the list are appreciated.


I just added portable speakers and bluetooth gaming controler to the list too


Meiyi wrote:

And for those that are looking for a 2nd battery for Samsung, you might want to considered these instead fo the battery.  They are portable and you can use it to charge any USB devices. They also have 10000mAh version that can charge laptops. Check out the review on youtube for these. It's pretty cool.

--Battery chargers--

Anker Astro 5600mAh Backup External Battery Pack and Charger with Flashlight

Anker Astro2 Dual USB Output 8400mAh External Battery Pack and Charger with Flashlight

The Anker Astro rechargeable batteries does have promo.  Use "46ARMGNO" to save $10 on Anker Astro2 and save another $5 on Astro2 8400mAh if purchase along with 1 or more Astro 5600mAh.  I just got these today.  They are pretty small.  The 8400mAh is like the size of deck of card but thicker, while the the 5600mAH has same length as 8400mAh but is slimmer in width. Both are not that heavy at all and are more useful than a Samusng Galaxy S3 battery, since you can charge any USB devices.


Here is another recommendation for those looking for an microSD card to expand memory.  Try getting Sandisk UHS-I (Ultra-High-Speed) microSD cards.  The Sandisk UHS-I microSD cards has a faster controller and will be able to transfer data at a faster rate (up to 30MB/s), compared to a normal microSD card of the same speed class.  **Be sure to format UHS-I microSD into exFat format.

--UHS-I Class 6 microSD--

SanDisk Mobile Ultra 32GB microSDHC Card SDSDQY-032G-U46  (format card into exFat) **Don't think cause it's a Class 6 it is slower than a 'normal' Class 10 microSD card, it isn't.  This is UHS-I version, it can still tranfer up to 30MB/sec

--UHS-I Class 10 microSD--

SanDisk Ultra 64GB microSDXC Card Plus Adapter (SDSDQUA-064G-U46A (format card into exFat)


As always, thank you for the heads up Meiyi.  I am updating the list now with your information. 


Just added tips and tricks to the list for those that already have the Galaxy S3. Major thanks to Lennyuk for orginally posting this discussion at xda-developers forum.  Dravas also contributed in bringing it to our attention here at Sprint. 


I managed to test the NFC Kit with a friends 16GB S3 and they work like a charm.  It took about 3 days to come in and they have various sizes to play around with.


Here's the Mesh snap-on case with the coin/credit card slot.


Read nothing but positive things about diztronic cases, already ordered one for my galaxy s3.


Dravas excellent job on the testing of the NFC tag.  Now we have an alternative to Samsung more expensive one.  Do you know how many times we can re-program each NFC tag?  Have you tested it under a thin surface (ex. putting it behind a picture frame on a wall, underneath a thin wood/glass table, behind a light dimmer switch plate, or in your car behind the mirror visor)? Basically I was wondering what type of materials and the thickest version of it that you can still read the NFC tag through. 

nplayman... I have been looking all over for that exact case.  A client of mine had one that he couldn't remember where he got it from.  That is the sleekest case I have ever held with just enough grip so the phone wont fall out.  Great find my friend, I have ordered the TPU clear matte white one since I preordered the 32gb white GS III. 

Phasel151.... I have been thinking about how some people complain about their phone being a little warm.  The mesh case made specifically by Samsung was probably designed to take care of that while providing a kickstand.  I also think it is a great alternative to the bumper cases I listed above that still requiire a vinyl skin for the back cover.


Great list!  How about any car docks? Belt holsters?  Thanks!

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